McMath Clubs 2016-17


Clubs are a great way to find like minded people, to get involved in the life of the school, and find new ways to be actively involved in the life of the school.

Below are some of the clubs offered for the 2016-17 School Year.  

As clubs change, this page will be updated throughout the year.



McMath Activists 

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Lai 
Presidents: Sarah L and Arielle M
Purpose: to create a safe space for students of all grades so that they are able to voice their opinions about prevalent topics in our society.
When and Where: C214 every second Thursday of the month at lunch
What We Do: 
  • debate on important issues

  • create awareness and exposure to subjects we care about 

  • fundraise for organizations we support

  • create an outlet for students to share their ideas and opinions 


Anime Club
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Chen, Ms. Koo
Co-Presidents:Kristen T, Courtney I
Where: B212
When: Lunch on Fridays
Purpose:  In the anime club we are here to not only explore different genres and animes but also to be able to find people who share a common interest. We will be watching series from different genres according to the month, only we won’t be choosing the anime, you guys will! We have a poll on our website that has options for you to vote on. At the end of every month we will do fun activities such as; karaoke,kahoot,art wars and many more! New members are always welcome, so come by if you are interested!


Art Club

Teacher sponsor: Mr.Salah Derradji

Presidents: Jessie S, Jolly H, Kenny J, Elaine F

Where and When: Wednesday at lunch in C132

Purpose: Provide opportunities for students to be exposed to new techniques and medium of art through hands-on activities. Monthly themes will inspire students of any medium to envision and create their own masterpiece or simply work on any personal art project. The club will also encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity by providing an enriching environment. Students of all abilities with an interest in art are welcome.

McMath Blog Team 
Editors: Jerika C., Erica L. 
When: Monthly meetings, dates to be determined 
Where: Conference room 
Description: The McMath Blog Team is a group of passionate students that help document the events and achievements of our school. In addition to this, team members are also welcome to post about things outside of school that they are interested in sharing with the community. Involvement in this club is not limited to writing and may include other art forms such as video, graphic design, photography, and more. 



Board Game Club

Teacher Sponsor : Ms. Daly

Presidents: Adella Y,  Shawn Z, Rikka W

The McMath Board Game Club welcomes everyone in the school, whether you are a fan of board games or not. This club provides a soothing environment for our members to relax and to have fun. If you are unfamiliar with board gaming, come and let us to lead you into this awesomely fun world.  New members are always welcome throughout the year. You can always bring your own games and hangout with your friends! 

When and Where: The club meets every Wednesday after school in Ms. Daly’s room C212.



Business Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Biln

Presidents: Kenny J, Jessie S

Where and When: B130. Once every two weeks, first Day One of the week.

Purpose: To promote interest in business in a pleasant environment where club members can work both individually and collaboratively. It is a great opportunity for students to develop knowledge about personal finance and different areas of business. Our primary focus will be on a stock trading simulator. This hands-on practice would enhance club members’ knowledge and understanding on stocks and business.



Cats Give Back

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Caldwell

Co-Chairs: Ionnie C and Claire S

Do you need volunteer hours? Do you want experience? Well, join the Cats Give Back club! Meetings will be every other week. We volunteer at various locations such as the food bank and the SPCA, giving you a chance to give back to the community. Come join us for a life changing experience!

Where and When: Lunch in Mrs. Caldwell’s room C205 (remember to listen to the announcements for the specific dates).   


Chess Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Fowler

Club President: Antonio D. and Emmie H.

What:  Simple, a group for those that want to play chess.

How to get involved: For students to get involved, all they need to do is come to Mr. Fowler’s room on Friday at lunch.


Code Club

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Guest

President: Andrew T

This is the McMath Code Club, a brand new club aiming to teach students how to code. As a club, we not only aim to teach students the basics to coding, but if they feel confident enough, we will provide opportunities for them to teach in our local community. Partnering with the local organization, Animation Academy, we hope to get our students involved and to get them teaching at libraries, community centers, or local public schools (this looks great on resumes). Whether you are a beginner coder, intermediate coder, or the next Bill Gates, students of all skill levels are welcome. The digital wave is upon us, come be a part of it.


Duke of Edinburgh's Award Club 

(You know you're excellent; show the world how!)

Sponsor Teacher:  Ms Phillpotts (C213)

Purpose:  To support students in attaining their bronze / silver / gold awards in the international Duke of Edinburgh's youth awards program which is a prestigious program encouraging service, athletics, skills, and outdoor adventures.  This award is open to students 14 years old and older.

Meetings:  There are no regular meeting times but we may meet to hear from guest speakers and to plan our “adventurous journeys.”

Contact:  Find out more about the award and how to register at: 

Chat with Ms. Phillpotts ( and / or check out our Facebook page (Mcmath Duke of Edinburgh's Award) 



First Responders

President: Cassie Zhang

Sponsor: Mr. Pattern

Where and When: This is the club for anyone wanting to help others in a responsible and professional way. We meets once a month in the First Aid room beside the office.

The First Responders team have the responsibilities to apply First Aid treatments and make emergency calls for other students  wounded in school. The team will be there to help for any students in need. To be eligible for this, every First Responders need to be certified in Standard First Aid with CPR "C", and First Responder course with CPR "HCP". 


Fruit and Veggie Club

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Caldwell

Purpose: to promote healthy living and eating

When and Where: Tuesdays after school by the B-Wing storage room and Wednesdays at 10:15 for delivery

How to get involved: Talk to president, co-chairs, sponsor teacher (Mrs. Caldwell) or anyone in the club (confirmed of course by president of co-chairs). Other option...Sign up on clubs day!


Grad Committee

Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Lin, Ms. Simonson, Ms. Lai

Co-chairs: Shannon ("the forgiving") G. and Jerry Y.

Objective: To represent the graduating class of 2015! We work behind the scenes for Grad events: from Grad Spirit Days to Winter Formal, planning is done by us!

When & Where: Tuesdays at lunch in Ms. Lin’s room, B214

How to get involved: To be a part of Grad Committee, you must apply in your Grade 11 year. Being in Grad Committee will be one of your most memorable experiences of high school! Looking forward to your Grad year already? Feel free to contact this year’s Grad Committee at through the official McMath Grad 2015-2016 Facebook Page, or ask any Grad Committee member in person!


H.E.L.P. Club

Sponsor Teacher: Mr.Lalonde
Presidents: Benny L, Kyle X, Carol W
Vice-President:  Henry M, Latios G
H.E.L.P. Club welcomes everyone who is interested in helping others or who is looking for help. Our main focus is to help students with their homework’s problems they are confused; giving out volunteer opportunities’ information, guiding new students in school as well as giving advice for course planning. We will also watch some educational videos or movies during club time.
When & Where: Tuesday at lunch in Mr. Lalonde’s room C211 hope to see you all there!
McMath Hip Hop Dance Team! 
Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Goulas
Team Captains: Sonia G and Kat P
Where and When: Behind the stage or in the band room two times a week 
The McMath Dance Team is for anyone who loves to express themselves through dance or is willing to try something new. It exists to encourage dancers to step out of their comfort zone, become more involved in the dance community, and explore their passions further. Joining the team is a wonderful way of interacting with those that share the same interests, getting daily exercise, and learning from other dancers. Anyone who is interested in learning how to dance hip-hop or already has experience is encouraged to come out to try-outs. This year, the Dance Team will be involved in numerous competitions and will perform at events around McMath. Choreography representing various styles, such as waaking, old school, and hard-hitting will be taught, and a routine will be established. Come out to have fun, learn, and create amazing memories! 


Improv Team 

President: Erin P.

Teacher Sponsors: Mr. J. McLeod

Purpose: To have fun learning and developing improv skills in order to participate in The Canadian Improv Games against other Improv Teams around the Lower Mainland. 

We meet once a week and rehearse strategies as well as go to competitions

How to Get Involved: Listen to the announcements to know when the try-outs are (mid-October). Come to improv club practices which are open to all students throughout the year on specific dates which will be announced.


Interact Club

Sponsor: Ms. Biln

Interact is a club where we work together to make a difference in our community and around the world. Each year we work to support at least one local project and one international project. The Interact club is the high school form of Rotary and it provides many opportunities to improve your leadership and professional skills while making connections with other motivated people. Interact also works to provide international understanding and opportunities for youths to join together and take action on the issues they care about most. It is the perfect way to make a difference while having fun. 


Japanese Cultural Club
Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Ho
Presidents: Sunny Y, Kim Z
When & Where: the first Day 1 of every week at lunch in Ms. Ho’s room, C132
The Japanese Cultural Club welcomes students who are interested in Japanese culture. Our main purpose is to provide opportunities for students to discuss or to learn about the modern and traditional Japanese culture. Our topics include anime, J-pop, dramas,comics, foods, etc. New members are always welcome throughout the year!

Kindler's Club 

Presidents: Jerika C., Amanda L.

Sponsor teacher: Mr. Pattern

When: Monthly meetings, dates to be determined

Where: Conference room 

Description: Kindler's Club is a school branch of the student-led non-profit organization Kindler's Society. Through various fundraisers and volunteer work, we aim to promote education and literacy as well as help those in need of resources with books. 


Math Club

Teacher sponsor: Mrs. Awadalla

Presidents: Kenny Jin, Jessie Shou

Where and When: Friday at lunch in B202

Purpose: To promote interest and excitement about mathematics in a collaborative environment. It is a great opportunity for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn a variety of new types of math by solving challenging mathematical problems both independently as well as collaboratively. Our primary focus will be on enhancing the member's independent mathematical skills by practicing Math Contest problems; stimulating the mind and enhancing his/her pattern recognition and logical reasoning capabilities.


Model United Nations Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Lalonde

Presidents: Carol W. & Grace L.

Where and When: Wednesdays at lunch in C211

Purpose: The Model United Nations Club immerses members into debates on current international events and simulations of the UN General Assembly. It’s a fun way to improve your communication skills and learn more about different countries and international relations.

Involvement: There are many opportunities for involvement beyond our lunch meetings: local MUN conferences (Pacific MUN, North Vancouver MUN, Burnaby MUN, Surrey MUN, and Richmond MUN) and hotel MUN conferences (CONNECTMUN, VMUN, CAHSMUN, CAIMUN). The executive team organizes school delegations to attend regional conferences each year and provides financial aid for McMath delegates. You will also have the opportunity to participate in interschool MUN challenges. Get a chance to voice your opinion on global events and meet new people! New members are always welcome!


Multicultural Club! 

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Sun

Executive Team: Anna B, Elaine F, Gwen L, Jessie S, Yuyu T, Kenny J, Amy W, Michelle C, Alicia W 

Purpose: to promote multiculturalism and acceptance throughout McMath by hosting events, activities and fundraisers.

Incentives: By joining the multicultural club, you can expect yourself to have a year filled with fun and memorable experiences! Throughout the school year, our club will be hosting events such as Festive February, World Hello Day, different cultural food fundraisers, as well as activities for our lovely international students! Getting involved with club activities will not only provide you with lots of service hours and planning experiences, but also a greater knowledge of the diverse cultures that exist in our community!

How to Get Involved: Join us every Thursday at lunch, in room C116. Bring your lunch and your friends. New members are always welcome.


Nap Club

Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Garner
Where and when: Drama Room at Lunch Wednesdays
President: Nishaan D

The nap club aims to spread awareness about the importance of sleep in young adults, and show how naps can benefit productivity. We supply a place for students to take power naps at lunchtimes and we will host events such as blanket/pillow drives to give to shelters in our community to improve the sleep of others. Open to anyone.


Natural Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms Phillpotts
President: Mimi Wang
Vice Presidents: Erica Seifert-Anderson, Ryan Liu
Secretary: Michelle Cheung
Treasurer: Saleha Ali
Where and when: Wednesdays at lunch in room C213
The Natural Club is made up of a group of students who share a passion for the environment. They focus on pressing global issues and educate the school on how they can help. Their goal is to spread awareness on these important matters to create a happier and better planet. In addition to club events, they do paper and bottle recycling every Friday after school. Come check out the natural club on Wednesdays in room C213 or come to recycling on Fridays! It is a fun way to get service hours and the help is greatly appreciated.



Pride Club
Sponsor: Ms.Mahan
Presidents: Honoka S + Julien N
Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in C114 (Ms.Mahan’s room)
Pride is a great club for those who want to learn more about the LGBT+ community. Don’t know much? No problem! In this club, you will learn more about the LGBT+ community, and get involved with spreading recognition to develop a more inclusive and supportive environment. We will have fun meetings and insightful discussions, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to help change the world!


Reach for the Top
Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Loren
Reach is an inter-school team trivia competition that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge in a competitive forum. Students play in teams of four and questions are asked about various topics such as history, science, sports, math, geography, art, music, literature, pop culture and more. There are two teams: a junior team (grades 8-10) and a senior team (grades 11 and 12). 
The Reach team is also responsible for hosting school-wide events such as Reach vs Teach. Games are weekly, and consist of regional matches leading up to provincials. Just two years ago, the team placed 5th at nationals!
How to get involved: Junior practices are held Tuesday at lunch, and senior practices are held Thursday at lunch in Ms. Loren's room C203. For more information please contact Ms. Loren or Anna G.



Robotics Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Byres

The McMath Robotics club is open to all students ready to commit time and energy to work on teams to build and compete with the VEX robotics Platform. Unfortunately at this time the club is limited in size because of the availability of VEX kits. As more come available we will be able accommodate more students.

Students will be encouraged to join an Online Vex Robotics forum so as to learn and interact with competitors from around the world. These Forums are well monitored by teachers, mentors and VEX officials for content and also to keep students on topic and offer professional advice. 

What is VEX robotics? The VEX Robotics Design System allows students to interact with a kit style platform to build and create robots. This will require them to apply Mathematics, Technology, Electronics and Programming to build machines to compete in a game play environment. This year the game is called Toss Up and involves Robots collecting and manipulating two different styles of balls, negotiating a ramp obstacle and facing size limitations. Beyond the obvious benefits this type of learning environment encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving. The VEX robotics platform is widely used across the globe and currently VEX has 4800 teams registered in over 20 countries.

VEX provides opportunities for students to compete in events locally and also internationally. Events are typically held on weekends are day long competitions and will involve a commitment to full Saturdays and Friday afternoon end evenings. The events are typically held monthly at a variety of locations across the lower mainland, on Vancouver Island and in Washington State. BC has a strong history in VEX and we hope to compete strongly enough to be in the A division and perhaps make it to the World Championships in Anaheim California.

Meeting times will be worked out but at present will be on Mondays through Thursday afternoons until about 5 pm.

For more information and detail, please visit or contact Mr. Byres at


Ski/Snowboard Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Charlton

Purpose: Once again McMath will be coordinating a Ski-Snowboard Club to run this winter season. The Club is open to all grades, both males and females, and of all ability levels. 

Involvement: The ski club is currently making decisions for the type of program that will be offered this upcoming year.  Please listen for announcements.

Contact: Mr. Charlton for any/all questions. Full program information packages including costs will be distributed in the October Meetings. Bring on the winter, and let it snow!!!


Smash Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Track

Co-Presidents: Andrew T, Matthew W

Executive Team: Brandon T, Adrian N

When and Where: Wednesdays 3:00 – 4:00 (C213)

We are the McMath Smash Club! We aim to create a social community within our school for students to enjoy themselves while playing a game that they love. Through the hectic and stressful life of high school, the Smash Club provides a place for all students to sit back, relax, and have fun with friends. Anyone is free to drop by to play a game of Super Smash Bros, regardless of skill level. We also host monthly events and tournaments that you definitely do not want to miss! Drop on by and check us out! We won’t bite.

Check out our Website:

Send us an Email:



Student Council

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Lim, Mr. Cheng

Purpose: We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you? Student Council's core goal is to unite all students in wildcat country spiritually and as a community by hosting school-wide events. Our events start from Breakfast with Santa to our annual Food Drive and from selling CandyGrams to the traditional Spirit Weeks! At McMath our wildcat spirit is one of the most well known aspects of our school and Student Council is the team to make sure that all students' voices are heard and energy sustained!

How to Get Involved: Meetings every Monday at Lunch in Mr. Cheng's room, B204. All students welcome!


30-Hour Famine
Presidents: Marko S, Camryn R, Linh P
Vice-Presidents: Elias M, Hannah E, Martin C
Sponsor Teachers: Ms. D. Mahan, Ms. S. Loren
What is the 30-Hour Famine? The 30-Hour Famine is an annual sleepover at McMath, in which participants fundraise money for World Vision to help tackle issues such as poverty and social injustice around the world.
Students gather funds to support the cause before the day of the famine and everyone who raises at least $60 sleeps over at the school. Participants will also be required to fast for 30 hours in order to raise awareness of what it is like to truly be hungry. However, worry not! Look forward to a whole night of wonderful games and bonding time with your friends before waking up to a cozy breakfast in the morning. It is an awesome event that has raised more than $100,000 over 13 years at McMath!  All the money raised goes directly towards World Vision - an organization that partners with children, families, and communities around the world in aim to help them reach their full potential by tackling the issues of poverty and injustice.

When is the Famine? April 28th, 2017. Specific meeting dates for all Faminers attending the sleepover and doing the online fundraiser will be announced in March so remember to listen to the announcements! See you guys then!"


McMath Uniform Dream Society


President: Carol W

Director of Human Resources: Semeion W

Director of Outreach: Jerika C, Zoe Z

Director of Marketing: Grace L

Director of Information Technology: Latios G


Purpose: Incorporated as a British Columbia non-profit organization in 2013, Uniform Dream Society is devoted to bettering the learning experiences for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Over three years, UDS has donated over $12,500 worth of uniforms and school supplies to recipient schools in China, India, and the Philippines.  


With over 10 school branches over the Greater Vancouver area and over 200 student involvement, Uniform Dream Society is excited to open its first McMath branch. Our current project involves Luis Puentebella Elementary in Bacolod City, Philippines. We hope to donate 800 sets of uniforms and shoes, 2 computers, and 100 chairs by the end of 2016. For more information, please visit


How to get involved: We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us with fundraisers and to market our projects. Please talk to any of the execs or email if you’re interesting in joining our cause. Let’s make a difference one uniform at a time. 


Youth Business Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Biln
Co-Presidents:Cherry Tan & Ionnie Choy
Objective: To help and donate people or organizations that need help. We can learn the skills in marketing field, and you will get some amazing business experience!
When & where:Friday lunch time in Ms.Biln's room (B130)(once a month).
How to get involved: Everyone is welcome! Email us: or or just simply show up! We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your experience!