Humans of McMath: Alicia

Hello! Welcome to Humans of McMath where we will be featuring various individuals from the diverse community of our school. For the series’ first entry this year, I’d like to introduce Alicia L.


Grade 11 student Alicia L. spent four years studying in Taiwan before attending McMath Secondary. While taking yearly trips to Japan to visit her grandma, she’s currently maintaining a busy senior year. Fortunately, Alicia still finds time for her passion of art, namely pottery and sculpture, while keeping up with her love of writing. Fluently trilingual, she’s created a Wattpad story that has been read over 33.3k times and has gained two thousand votes. In her own words while penning novellas:

“I love how free and open it is, and there are so many directions to go with your work. There are no border or limits to what you can do with it.”

Having previously played volleyball, she also enjoys the enticing competition of triple jump, having joined the track and field event last year and intending to partake in the upcoming season. A second go-to activity would be her guilty pleasure, AKA watching YouTube.

Alicia also owns a pet guinea pig named Caramel.


In the future, her dream job would be to become a paleontologist. Since she was little, Alicia has always been extremely fascinated by dinosaurs and fossils. While working towards realizing her goal, she’s aiming to attend university in pursuit of her ambitions.

For the meantime, Alicia is enjoying her high school experience and has made a number of good friends; in particular, she’d like to give a shout-out to Trisha, Natalie and Mela.


Post, video, and image by: Michelle W.

Edited by: Jerika C.