Have a Wonderful Summer and a Wonderful Life











Not really a weekly... just a final few words to end this academic year.


A special congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2017.  This class is represented by amazing students who are, more importantly, exceptional young adults.  Ready and willing to take on new challenges beyond the walls of R.A. McMath, we are excited to see where they go and how they change our world.  Hopefully our grads will continue to visit and keep us updated as they follow their individual pursuits to success.



Also, just a quick note to thank you all for your support, your questions, and even your concerns over this past academic year.  As a school community we can only grow if we work together.  Though we are blessed with amazing students, a committed staff, and a very involved parent community, without the thread of communication that continues to tie all three vital groups together, our school will struggle to move in the desired direction.  


Finally, just a special thanks to the students, the staff, and the parents at McMath.  My past seven years here at this school have been both professionally fulfilling but also, personally enjoyable.  It has been an absolute pleasure to meet with, work with, and learn from so many truly remarkable people.  I will miss you all.


Neil Kamide

(Former) Principal of McMath