School Opening 2017


McMath Students and Parents:                 


Re:  School Opening 2017


I hope you've been enjoying time with family and friends this summer; we’ve had some beautiful weather!  I am happy to be joining the McMath community - as an educator this time (I was a McMath parent myself for 7 years while both my son and daughter studied here).  I’d like to welcome all of the other new folks and welcome back those of you who are returning.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.


Together with the students, staff, and the parent community, we will continue to build upon the strong foundations that McMath has already established. We will do all we can to support your student’s learning, and encourage parents/guardians to stay actively involved in your teen's education.  Parents are urged to stay connected to the school by reading the calendar and agenda (students will receive them on September 5th), checking our website, attending information nights and maybe joining our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) or Dry After Grad (DAG) groups.  Your contributions are important. 


Here’s some information we think you’ll find useful for school start-up:



Tuesday, September 5th is the first day back for students.  Students should bring a pen or pencil and report to the Large Gym first for an assembly.  Homeroom will follow afterwards.  Please note:  homeroom lists will be posted on our website by Friday, September 1st

Grade 8   9:30 am

Grades 9 & 10   11:00 am

Grades 11 & 12  1:00 pm


For the rest of the week, students should arrive by 8:15 am to start the day with Homeroom before moving on to their scheduled classes. 



Schedules are not quite ready to come home, yet.  Students will receive them during homeroom on September 5th. Because new students join us while others move away during the summer, we anticipate needing to make a few adjustments to the timetable;  we will manage these with the least disruption to students and staff so that we can get settled quickly.  The school timetable was built based on students' choices made last Spring, so we expect there to be just a few changes.  Student requests for changes will be considered for strong educational reasons.  Counsellors will assist students during the first week of school with priority to incomplete schedules, of course.  



If your son/daughter will NOT be here for the first few days, please call us now at (604) 718-4050.  This will allow us to keep the course requests active and maintain a place in our school.



Students will receive these on September 5th

(1)  Personal Information Release Form

      Please note, these forms are needed to include students' names or photos in the yearbook, newsletters, or the school website.

(2) Medical Information Form

      In case of an emergency we need to know who to call.  Any changes during the year should be given to the office staff.  Please make sure that any serious allergies are indicated on the form along with any imperative information regarding your child’s health/safety.  Also, please make sure your email address is up-to-date.  We frequently email out important information.



We will post information on our school website weekly. There is a lot of valuable information here: To avoid missing out on new content, you can “Subscribe” to the website to have new content delivered directly to your email in box.



All parents and guardians are invited to attend our first PAC meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00 pm in the Library (main floor – enter through B wing).  Come and meet other parents, staff and key players in your student’s school life and hear the latest news about the school and the District.  



Student attendance is crucial.  We want students to succeed and it is important that they be here on time so they don’t miss out on important instruction.  Sometimes your student might have an appointment during the school day, please just let us know.  If your child is absent or late, please send a note to the office or phone us. You can phone the school any time before 9:00 AM, on the answering machine at (604) 718-4004.   Our automated call-out system will notify parents about students’ unexplained absences.  A student needing an early dismissal for any reason must sign out from the Office with a note or a phone call from their parent/guardian, please. 



We are in need of parent volunteers to help with the early warning morning phone calls, from 9:30 – 10:30 AM daily.   If you are available to assist, please let us know in the Office.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.



We encourage all students to walk or bike to school as often as possible.  Not only is this healthy and environmentally friendly, it reduces traffic around the school each morning and afternoon and ultimately makes our parking lot safer.  If you live a longer distance away, please check the bus schedules.  If you must drive to drop-off or pick-up students, please give yourself enough time to avoid the rush just before the bell. Also, remember traffic is significantly slower in the rain so budget extra time. 



All students will receive an agenda book during homeroom the first day of school.  This is a great source of information about our school rules and policies.  It's also a great place to record homework, marks, and upcoming due dates.  We strongly recommend both students and parents read through the information at the front of the book to begin a successful year.  Parents, please note there are two places we ask for your signature - about our policies/procedures and about internet safety.



Each student will have an assigned locker, space permitting.  It's where they'll store your coat, lunch, PE strip, school supplies and books.  Locks are provided for all grades.  Students must use the lock and locker assigned to them.  Students should not leave money or valuables in their lockers.  The combination should be kept private so that things stay secure. 



Please be respectful of our diverse community and remember we are a place of learning.  School is not the beach.  Of course, shorts and T-shirts are perfectly fine for school, but they do need to be appropriate.  For example, tops that don't fully cover midriffs or that leave underwear exposed are not suitable for school.



Secondary schools have standardized the costs of general school fees (i.e. student council/activity fees, student agenda books, communication fee) at a total of $28.00 per student.  Students are not charged basic course fees; however, there are still charges for some optional activities and enrichment projects.  There may also be charges for athletic teams, clubs or graduation events. Enrichment fees may apply in a course in which a student wishes to undertake an optional project that is beyond the core requirements of the course and which s/he will keep.  Examples at McMath include costs for more elaborate projects and materials in courses such as Woodworking, Textiles, Fine Arts, and certain PE classes.  In addition, students may be charged a fee to participate in an optional field trip.  Students who are unable to pay such a fee due to financial hardship should speak to a counsellor or one of the administrators.  An individualized fee statement will come home with each student later in September. 



While we recognize that cell phones and personal music devices are very much a part of our lives today, and cells have useful applications which can support learning, they can also be very disruptive to learning.  We remind students and parents that cell phones and personal music devices are not permitted during class time unless specifically requested by the teacher for an educational purpose.   Please note that staff may temporarily confiscate these devices should they find them disruptive to learning.


Also, we remind parents and students that, sadly, the theft of cell phones and personal music devices sometimes happens.  The school is not responsible for the theft of cell phones and personal music devices.  We advise students and parents that these devices should be either left at home, kept locked in lockers or kept in students' possession at all times, but off during class time.



Photo day is on Tuesday, September 19th.  All students will have their photos taken for their Go-Card and Yearbook.  Should you wish to order photos, the order form will be distributed in homeroom and order forms must accompany your child on photo day.  Photo Retake Day is Monday, October 16th.



A complete school calendar will be given to students in homeroom on September 5th.

To get a good start to the school year, please make note of the following dates:  

Monday, August 28                               Administrators and Counsellors return to school

Tuesday, September 19                         Photo Day

Tuesday, September 19 @ 7:00 PM      Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting - all parents are welcome                                       

Thursday, September 21 @ 6:30 PM    Meet the Teacher Night - please meet in the large gym

Friday, September 22                            Professional Day - school not in session

Tuesday, September 26 @ 6:30 PM      Canadian Universities Event - parents are welcome



Best wishes for the remainder of the summer.  We'll see you soon.  




Mrs. Jane McFadyen