McMath Clubs



Club Name Sponsor Key Student Contact Purpose Regular Meets… (when and where)  
Blog Team Ms McFadyen Michelle W document events and achievement of our school    
Book Club     Exploring immortal questions, wondering at the words that make meaningful the mysteries bedeviling mankind; One Thursday a month McMath's bookclub comes together united by a love of literature to delight in discussion.  once a month, Thursday  
Chess Club     improve chess game C204 every Friday at lunch  
Code Ms Guest Kevin L learn how to code and teach in the community Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch in B127  
First Responders Ms. Lai & Mr. Vernier

Morgan M.

Andrea W.

administer First Aid to students in need First Aid Room, once a month  
French Club     to practice our conversational French Wednesdays, C210  
Fruit and Veggie Ms Caldwell Angus T and Michael L encourage healthy eating B-wing, Tuesday afterschool and Wednesdays at 10:15 for delivery  
Grad Committee Ms Marin and Mr Frechette   plan Grad events    
Interact Mr Pablico  Various project leaders secondary school version of Rotary Club - service to others Friday ~ B158  
Japanese Conversation Ms Ho Hanlin L and Alex H promote interest in Japanese culture C 132  
Jazz  Mr Fee   perform/improvise jazz music Tuesdays, C120  
Lighthouse Club Ms. Daly Chloe V to talk about Christianity and other big ideas of life Thursdays, C212  
Lord of the Rings Club Mr Anderson Jia N Travelling deep into the fires of Mordor, through the dales of the Shire, and everywhere in between, we are a club devoted to discovering the wonders of Tolkien's universe. Come, join the fellowship! C114 Tuesdays at lunch  
Mindfullness Club Mr. Vernier Julia G.      
Model United Nations Mr LaLonde   immerses members in debates on current events and simulations of the UN Assembly C211 every Wednesday at lunch  
MultiCultural  Ms Sun   promote multiculturalism and acceptance C116 every Thursday at lunch  
Natural  Ms Phillpotts   spread awreness of important global matters, recycling C213 every Wednesday and lunch and  Fridays for recycling  
Operation Smile Mr Airey   fundraise for operations to correct cleft lips Fridays at lunch in C219  
Poetry Club          
Pride   Honoka S and Kadence C learn about the LGBTQ+ community and foster an inclusive community C114 every Thursday at lunch  
Reach for the Top Ms Loren   demonstrate knowledge in a competitive forum C203 Juniors - Tuesday at lunch, Seniors - Thursday at lunch  
Robotics     learn how to build and compete with VEX robotics    
Science Club Mr Thiessen and Mr Yeung Matthew K competing in scientific challenges and furthering learning Wednesdays at lunch in B219  
Ski / Snowboard

Mr Charlton and

Mr. Pattern

Liam M. 

Chloe V.

To improve skiing/boarding skills in a beautiful outdoor environment with friends.  Wednesdays: Jan 17, 24, 31, Feb 14 & 21.   
Smash Mr Track Brandon T gaming, particularly Super Smash Bros C213 every Wednesday afterschool  
Student Council Ms Lim Allyssa A. unite all students as community by providing opportunities for connection B204 every Monday at lunch  
Thirty Hour Famine Ms Loren Peter M to raise money for food in developing countries    
Unity Ms. Newton   friendship and mentoring with students with special needs Wednesdays at lunch in Ms Newton's room  
Wildgainz Mr Frechette   improve fitness and self-confidence 3 times a week