McMath Clubs

Club Name Teacher Sponsor Key Student Contact Purpose Regular Meets… (when and where)  
Animal Protection Society (RAPS) Ms Tsui Eliza G and Keoni H support animals by fundraising for medical treatments, etc.    
Anime Club Ms Chen and Ms Koo Courtney I explore different genres and animes B212 every Friday at lunch  
Blog Team Ms McFadyen Michelle W document events and achievement of our school    
Book Club Mr Track Eva L Exploring immortal questions, wondering at the words that make meaningful the mysteries bedeviling mankind; One Thursday a month McMath's bookclub comes together united by a love of literature to delight in discussion.  once a month, Thursday  
Chess Club Mr Fowler Ben S improve chess game C204 every Friday at lunch  
Code Ms Guest Kevin L learn how to code and teach in the community Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch in B127  
First Responders Mr Pattern Claire S administer First Aid to students in need First Aid Room, once a month  
French Club Ms Ndiaye Richard P and Michelle N to practice our conversational French Wednesdays, C210  
Fruit and Veggie Ms Caldwell Angus T and Michael L encourage healthy eating B-wing, Tuesday afterschool and Wednesdays at 10:15 for delivery  
Grad Committee Ms Marin and Mr Frechette Nishaan D plan Grad events    
Interact Mr Pablico Kevin W & Andrea W-K secondary school version of Rotary Club - service to others Friday ~ B158  
Japanese Conversation Ms Ho Hanlin L and Alex H promote interest in Japanese culture C 132  
Jazz  Mr Fee   perform/improvise jazz music Tuesdays, C120  
Lighthouse Club Ms Daly Chloe V to talk about Christianity and other big ideas Thursdays, C212  
Lord of the Rings Club Mr Anderson Jia N Travelling deep into the fires of Mordor, through the dales of the Shire, and everywhere in between, we are a club devoted to discovering the wonders of Tolkien's universe. Come, join the fellowship! C114 Tuesdays at lunch  
Mindfullness Club Ms Tsui Dayna F      
Model United Nations Mr LaLonde Semeion W & Tristan F immerses members in debates on current events and simulations of the UN Assembly C211 every Wednesday at lunch  
MultiCultural  Ms Sun Alicia W promote multiculturalism and acceptance C116 every Thursday at lunch  
Natural  Ms Phillpotts Ryan L and Sabrina T spread awreness of important global matters, recycling C213 every Wednesday and lunch and  Fridays for recycling  
Operation Smile Mr Airey Victoria M fundraise for operations to correct cleft lips Fridays at lunch in C219  
Poetry Club Mr Daly Nicole E and Katelyn S      
Pride Ms Mahan Honoka S and Kadence C learn about the LGBTQ+ community and foster an inclusive community C114 every Thursday at lunch  
Reach for the Top Ms Loren   demonstrate knowledge in a competitive forum C203 Juniors - Tuesday at lunch, Seniors - Thursday at lunch  
Robotics Mr Byres   learn how to build and compete with VEX robotics    
Science Club Mr Thiessen and Mr Yeung Matthew K competing in scientific challenges and furthering learning Wednesdays at lunch in B219  
Ski / Snowboard Mr Charlton Grace L To improve skiing/boarding skills in a beautiful outdoor environment with friends.  Wednesdays: Jan 17, 24, 31, Feb 14 & 21.   
Smash Mr Track Brandong T gaming, particularly Super Smash Bros C213 every Wednesday afterschool  
Student Council Ms Lim and Mr Cheng Anna G unite all students as community by providing opportunities for connection B204 every Monday at lunch  
Thirty Hour Famine Ms Mahan/Ms Loren Peter M to raise money for food in developing countries    
Unity Ms. Newton   friendship and mentoring with students with special needs Wednesdays at lunch in Ms Newton's room  
Wildgainz Mr Frechette Eva L and Keith N improve fitness and self-confidence 3 times a week