Wildcat Market: Open for Business

Wildcat Market: Open for Business


Post and Images Provided by: Michelle W.

Edited by: Michelle W.


This week, a medley of pop-up shops welcomed customers at the Wildcat Market. Featuring numerous vendors, they sold a wide variety of unique goods. The two-day event was hosted by Ms. Jamal’s Marketing 11/12 classes. For their project, students took the role of upcoming entrepreneurs by managing their own stores. In order to gain firsthand experience in the world of commerce, they were tasked with forming groups to market a product of their choice. Preparation included compiling survey data, totaling expenses and creating advertisements. Finally, after several weeks of organization, they set up in the rotunda to await the lunchtime rush.


No sooner did the bell ring did lineups begin to form. It soon became difficult to see even the stores themselves as crowds of eager customers requested their orders. Scrumptious foods were fast sellers, as some of the available options included delectable donuts, salted popcorn and toasty hot chocolate.


IMG_20171214_125117                    DSC05087

A number of vendors had chosen to incorporate a holiday theme with reindeer cake pops and festive drinks. Novelty items were also popular, such as jewelry by ‘Beadiful’ and customized buttons.


The market was a huge success, with many leaving satisfied with their purchases. Stores sold out as they successfully gathered earnings. Congratulations to Ms. Jamal and the Marketing students for the time and effort they took to organize this event! Keep an eye out for these future retailers; one day, they may be coming to a store near you.