Teacher's Office Hours, "I" Removal, Final Weeks Info

We have a busy week ahead Wildcats! Regular scheduled classes until Thursday. Friday June 22nd is jam-packed. We will have a Homeroom first thing to return locks, cleanup lockers receive yearbooks and then a shortened rotation of all 8 blocks followed by the StuCo Festival at 12:30pm. The Alternate Bell schedule is posted at the office. Please start clearing out your lockers now and if you are missing a lock, please come to the office. All school issued locks must be returned – if not you will be charged $5. Finish strong Wildcats.

Attention All Students, want to know if you bought a yearbook? Check out the list posted on office window for your student number. If your number is there, then YES, you have bought a yearbook! Please make sure you do not have any outstanding fees, noted beside your student number. All fees MUST be paid by Wednesday June 20th at 3pm, in order for you to receive your yearbook on time.

We still have several uniforms that have not been handed in! You will be not receive your yearbook if you haven’t returned your yearbook and you will be charged! Get them in to Mr. Gomes ASAP!

Grade 11's and 12's, you will be writing exams next week sometime between Monday to Wednesday. Please check the sliding white board in the front entrance of the school for times and dates.  Also, remember that it is your responsibility to... 

1. Bring acceptable identification (no go-cards) 

 2. Bring a calculator if you’re writing the GNA (not a smart phone)                                        

 3. Make sure you know the time and place of your exam.                                                      

4. Bring pencils, pens, erasers.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms Phillpotts in the office.

If you need Transcripts, please note that all transcripts ordered before June 22nd will have Term 2 marks on them and all transcripts ordered after June 25th  will have Term 3 marks and will be available for pick up after report card distribution.  Please see the Office with any transcript related questions.

Teacher Office Times:

Teachers will be available in their regular classroom during the following times.  Please confirm with teacher if there is any confusion with this.  Resource staff have not been assigned a definite “Office Hours” time slot to allow flexibility as these times may need to be coordinated to suit individual families & specialist consultants. 

Monday, June 25th 9:30-11:30am

S. Chen         Crowe            Fee                 Fernandez

Gasmie          Kasper           Tsui                Law

Sharma          Sidhu             G.Simonson  Thiessen

Monday, June 25th 12:30-2:30pm

Airey               Anderson      Awadalla       L.Lim

Cheung         Cowin             Ryan              Loren

Sincraian       Guest             Hue                Mahan

Jensen           Laub               Leong            Nishi

Sun                 Tong

Part time teachers: Bennett, Jamal, Cooper have posted hours on this day.

Tuesday, June 26th  9:30-11:30am

Yeung            Wilkinson      Salameh        Sharma

D. Simonson G.Simonson  Ryan              Byres

Fee                 Fernandez    Fowler            Frechette

Gallant           Garner           Loren             Nishi

Guest             Lalonde         Law                L.Lim

E.Lin               Ljungberg     Mahan           Milholme

Tuesday, June 26th  12:30-2:30pm

Belonio          Corbett           Daly                Gasmi            Sun

Tong               Gomes           Jensen           Kato

Laub               Marin              Narduzzi        Ndiaye           Pablico  

Part time teachers: Biln, Caldwell, Burke, & Sainas have posted hours on this day.  

Wednesday, June 27th  9:30-11:30am

Yeung            Wilkinson      Airey            Anderson

Cheung         Cowin            Gallant         Lalonde

Ljungberg     Sidhu             Garner          Daly

Gomes          Kasper          Narduzzi       Tsui

Ritchie: 10-12 noon 

Guest: 11am-1pm (B128) & 1-3pm (B127)

Wednesday, June 27th  12:30-2:30pm

Ndiaye           Belonio          Chen              Corbett

Crowe            Fowler            Frechette       E.Lin

Sincraian       Hue                Kato                Marin

Pablico          Salameh        Thiessen