Drills - Emergency and Lockdown - Sept 7th

McMath Practices for Emergencies & Lockdown

Today, Friday, Sept 7th during our 4th  block class, our school conducted 3 separate Emergency Drills. The staff & students firstly rehearsed all procedures for Lockdown (A Hold and Secure situation escalating to a Lockdown Situation), then proceeded to practice both Earthquake & Fire Evacuation steps.


Completing these important safety skills right at the beginning of the year allows students to fully understand why certain steps are followed, and are given the opportunity to physically practice the skills. 


Various scenarios were covered during the drills, and procedures were explained for both in class time emergencies, as well as procedures to follow if an event occurs during break times through a school day. 


After the administration-led drills were completed, classes had the opportunity to complete a Lockdown Feedback form to clarify steps and to ask questions.  Clarifications will be made after I have had the chance to read all of the feedback forms.


These life-saving drills are conducted several times throughout the school year to allow the procedures to become routine for all members of our school community. Thus, if a real emergency were to occur, the staff & students would be well prepared, and would cope well. 


School Board staff were also on site to witness & evaluate our practices today. 


Well done to all staff & students for your excellent participation in today’s safety drills.