Fire at McMath (No one was hurt) Nov 28th

Fire at McMath

Unfortunately, we had a fire this evening in the Gym area. No one was hurt.  

We were in the Large Gym with the Grade 8 Boys Basketball team as they played their first game of the season, when the fire alarm sounded. We quickly evacuated. Everyone was very responsible and followed instructions. Thanks to the Cambie players and fans for their cooperation, as well. 

At first, we didn't know what caused the alarm - the fire panel indicated the sprinklers had been triggered in the Small Gym. Fire trucks responded and discovered that a large foam mat that is stored between the two Gyms, at the back, was on fire. At this point we don't know how the mat was ignited - this is under investigation. 

Our school district staff was very responsive tonight with electrical, plumbing and HVAC personnel, as well as maintenance management, all coming to our assistance. 

Everyone was so helpful.

The Small Gym will be out of commission for a while as we dry out the water on the floor and the Restoration company determines the next steps.

Thanks, everyone, for your great cooperation tonight and understanding as we make necessary adjustments for the days ahead.


Mrs. J. McFadyen