Critical Incident Response Follow-Up

Dear Parents,

You will have received an email from us today with the attached letter below.  We want to inform you of the steps we have taken at the school after our student's death.  We want to ensure our students are supported.

Please contact Ms. McFadeyn if you have questions or concerns.


Memorial Service for Angie (Angelique)

The family has asked that we share this information:  The Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, May 7th at 2pm at the Richmond Funeral Home, 8240 Cambie Road.  If your child will attend, please contact us, so we will know that they will be absent from school.

If students who have any pictures of Angie that they would like to share with the family, they can forward them to the email address we have posted on our Office window.  Some of the flower petals from the flowers that are at the front our school sign and inside by the staffroom will be pressed and preserved in a memory book along with the index cards that students have written. The memory book will be presented to the family next week.