As parents are aware, Graduation Assessments have changed to align with the new curriculum. As your children are on the new Graduation Program, they will need to complete a Numeracy Assessment in addition to their other Provincial Exams. All of the exams will take place between June 24-26.

Grade 12 Students                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           All Grade 12 Students will write the English 12 Provincial Exam or a Com 12 Provincial (if they are registered in Com 12).  In addition, any Gr 12 student who did not write the Numeracy Assessment last year, must also write it this year or else they will not graduate.  If you are unsure whether you wrote the numeracy assessment, please come to the office and ask.

Grades 11 students 

All Grade 11 students will write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment this year in June.  The Graduation Numeracy Assessment is not correlated with a course. Most of the numeracy tasks on this assessment will include concepts up to and including Grade 8, possibly including a few concepts from Math 9 and 10. 

If a student is 30mins late for an exam, they will not be allowed entry to the exam. Please arrive 30 mins early.

All of the exam schedules are posted on our office window.  Please come by and take a look to see where and when you will be writing the exam.