Terry Fox Run Sept 27th (alternate bell schedule)

What would you say if you were challenged to run a marathon every day of the school year – that’s 190 marathons!  Seem impossible?  Well, when Terry Fox set out on his Marathon of Hope, his goal was to run even more than that.  Terry’s goal was to run from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, B.C. by running about 200 marathons in a row.  Day after day, Terry ran through towns and cities enduring incredible pain, but nothing would stop him from helping those suffering from cancer. When we collect donations for this year’s Run, lets remind ourselves of how difficult Terry’s journey was and lets try to work just as hard at reaching our goals.

The McMath Terry Fox Run will take place on September 27 this year.  The PE and English Departments have been collecting donations but any student or parent who hasn't had a chance to donate yet can do so at the main office or at the PE Office.  
Alternate Bell Schedule
8:20-9:25      Period 1
9:30-10:35    Period 2 - Terry Fox Run
10:35-10:50  break
10:50-11:55   Period 2
12:00-1:05    Period 3
1:05-1:40      Lunch
1:45-2:48.     Period 4
Email Mr. Belonio (jbelonio@sd38.bc.ca) for more information.