Graduation Numeracy Assessment

On Wednesday, Nov 6th, Grade 11 students will be writing the Graduation Numeracy Assessment.  The new Numeracy Assessment is not a typical “math test” and will include 24 common questions and a student choice section (answer 2 of 4). The questions will be context placed problems that students will read, think about and present a solution.  The GNA measures 5 numeracy processes, including students’ abilities to INTERPRET, APPLY, SOLVE, ANALYZE and COMMUNICATE solutions. The GNA be not be attached to any course, but reported separately on each student’s official Transcript using a 4-point scale –
1. Emerging        2. Developing        3. Proficient        4. Extending
Students can score a 0 for not attempting to answer questions and must score at least 1 to graduate. If desired, students will be allowed to rewrite the GNA two times over their high school years (3 total attempts).
For more information, please take a look at the attachments. Students will be writing in the morning or afternoon, please note the time and room on the attached schedule, sorted by Last names.