SD38: Grad Events: May 5th Letter from Superintendent of Schools

Dear Grade 12 Students and Parents and Guardians:

The Richmond School District has a deep appreciation for the significance of graduation for our Grade 12 students, their families and for the extended communities at each of our ten secondary schools. After 13 years of hard work and personal growth, our graduates are standing on the threshold of exciting new pathways and opportunities. Graduation should be a time for celebration with friends, classmates and family, and with your teachers and schools. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent our schools from offering any face-to-face graduation events that involve the gathering of large groups of students, staff and families for the class of 2020.

Parents and students are encouraged to review the attached letters from the Superintendent, Mr. Scott Robinson. All Grade 12 students and parents should have recieved an email from Ms. McFadyen as well.

Stay Safe