Richmond School District e-Buddy Program

The Richmond School District e-Buddy Program was designed to allow like-minded students to connect remotely and form new long-lasting friendships.

We understand that students may be feeling isolated during these times. To support students, this program will connect and match both Canadian and international students from different secondary schools across the school district based on criteria such as grade, gender, and hobbies/interests. Students will ideally be placed into small groups of 3-4 and will be connected by email. They will be provided some icebreakers and sample activities that they can do together from home, and are encouraged to freely interact with one another. Whether it is simply chatting, texting, studying together, teaching each other languages, or playing games, students are requested to engage for a minimum of one hour per week whenever possible.


Interested students can fill out the following form to sign-up:


Parental consent is also required. A parent or legal guardian must submit the following permission form in order to allow their child to participate.

English version:

Simplified Chinese version:


All personal information that students and parents provide will only be used in the interest of connecting students in the district and will remain confidential. Students also require school approval before participating in the program.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Kyle Urquhart, Manager, Richmond International Education, by phone at 778-836-2768 or by email at