Assessing Secondary Students Learning - June 2020

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding how assessment and grading will work this June as well as answers provided by the Richmond School District: 

Can students fail if they were passing at the end of term two?

  • Every student’s learning achievement is different and considered individually.
  • For example, most students considered to be ‘passing’ at the end of Term Two would have demonstrated sufficient evidence of learning, perhaps, to have been assigned Letter Grades of C or better. However, if a student receiving Letter Grades of C- or I pre-spring break has not been able to provide additional evidence of learning post-spring break, it will be important for the student and family to communicate with the teacher and school administration to work together on how best to support the student’s learning.
  • Generally, most students who were passing pre-spring break should be able to transition successfully to the next course 

How will final marks be determined?

  • All students will receive a final report card based on where they were prior to spring break, plus the learning opportunities they have been engaging in at home during the suspension of in-person classes.
  • Teachers will use their professional judgement, assessment criteria, and evidence of learning to determine if a student has demonstrated sufficient evidence of learning. 
  • Teachers will assess what individual students know, understand, and are able to demonstrate to determine whether sufficient learning has taken place to enable the student to pursue further learning in the curricular and content area. 
  • Every student’s learning journey is unique and needs to be supported appropriately. Teachers will take into consideration the different and challenging circumstances that each student and family is currently experiencing.  

Will there be separate term three marks reported?​

  • It is important to assess student learning from a growth perspective. Not all students will have been able to engage and complete all learning since spring break. Every student’s learning journey is unique and needs to be supported appropriately.
  • The focus this year is on determining a Final Mark. Teachers are not required to determine a discrete Third Term or Quarter Four Mark during the time of remote learning.