Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

At McMath, the Graduation Numeracy Assessment is scheduled for January 25th and 26th for Grade 11 students and any Grade 12 students who still need to write it. An email was sent to all Grade 11 students with additional information including your writing time and location. Please remember to check your email and we will also post the information outside the office.  

Hey Grads! The Schulich Leaders Scholarship is for an entrepreneurial minded person intending to study technology, engineering, entrepreneurship or applied research. To be nominated by the school, you must submit a McMath Scholarship Nomination Form to one of the counsellors by January 13th at 8 am. For more information, please see Ms. Carter or one of the counsellors. 

January 22nd at 9:00 am is the deadline for the BC Excellence Award In-School Nomination​ Consideration. Students must request to be nominated by McMath. For school nomination consideration, be sure to let your counsellor or career advisor know. Go to the McMath Career Centre website for more details.

February 15th at 11:59 pm is the deadline for The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship Application. Scholarship awards are for high school graduates who have an aptitude for a career in K – 12 teaching. Go to McMath Career Centre website for more details.

Grade 11 and 12 students are you interested in becoming a Coast GuardFrom January 12th to January 28th, the Canadian Coast Guard College will offer Virtual Presentations at 4:30 pm. Register online at “Discover the Officer Training Program” or see your Career Advisor for more details.

Basketball Tryouts begin today for all teams except Senior Girls. Please check the schedule posted around the school in the same locations as the sign-up sheets. You must have the completed permission form with you to enter the Gym. Please come in your basketball gear, bring a water bottle, a mask, and your own ball – if you have one. Because we really want you to be safe, please remember, no carpooling. Tryouts will be about an hour and 20 minutes, except for the Grade 8 boys – your tryouts will be just under an hour. Thank you! 

Grade 8 Girls    Tues 3 pm North Gym & Thurs 3 pm South Gym

Grade 9 Girls      Tues 3:30 pm South Gym & Wed 4:30 pm North Gym

Senior Girls      Wed 4:30 pm South Gym & Thurs 4:30 pm North Gym

 Grade 8 Boys    English  Tues 5 pm South & Thurs 6 pm North

                    French  Tues 6 pm South & Thurs 7 pm North 

Grade 9 Boys    Tues 5 pm North & Fri 4:30 pm South

Senior Boys      Tues 6:30 pm North & Wed 3 pm North

Hey Interactors! Our first meeting of the year will be held Wednesday, January 13th at 4:00 pm via Zoom! Links and information can be found on MS Teams, on Instagram @mcmathinteract and on our Discord channel.