Black Shirt Day January 15th

The Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver is organizing Black Shirt Day on Friday, Jan. 15 – a day chosen to honour the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The coalition says it would like to see Black Shirt Day gain worldwide recognition “as an international day of education and discussion around the history of racism and the ongoing fight for civil rights fought by Black and racialized Canadians.”

It notes parallels to days such as Pink Shirt Day, in support of anti-bullying, and Orange Shirt Day, which shines a spotlight on the Indigenous residential school experience and the lasting harm it has done in Canada.  Our District formed a Diversity and Anti-Racism Working Group of Richmond stakeholders earlier this year and is in the early stages of working through their mandate with deliberate thought and care.

Here’s a link to a recent news article for more information.

We encourage staff, students and community members to wear their black shirts on Friday to show support for the anti-racism efforts.

Every February, Canadians are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present.  The 2020 theme for Black History Month is: "Canadians of African Descent: Going forward, guided by the past." This was inspired by the theme of the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024).

Black History Month Resources portal page and an Antiracism Resources portal page are both currently in development to provide teaching and learning resources for those who would like to learn more about antiracism and Black History Month in general, as well as incorporating antiracist resources into classrooms. Our school library and others around the district have also recently received an antiracist book bundle curated by Ms. Rubio, which staff and students can access to support their learning.