Friday, April 9, 2021

This is a reminder that the Grade 10 GLA exam is happening on Tuesday, April 13th & Wednesday, April 14th. Please remember to check our school website or your email for your writing time and location. Good luck with your exam, and see Mr. Ngo if you have any questions.

Grads, reminder that the McMATH SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION is due Friday, April 16th at 4:00 pmPlease try to submit them early before April 16th. All Grads should also complete the Grad Write-Up for the Valedictory event later in June. You will find both of these tasks listed under the student tab on the school website.  Please see your counsellor or Ms. Loren with any questions.

Attention Art 3-D studentsYou only have one week to finish glazing your sculptures. Mr. Fee will be firing your projects Friday, April 16th. Please pick them up the following week.

Hey Wildcat Scientists! Did you know that there’s actually a real life version of the novel “Lord of the Flies”? Is humanity really as dark as it is described in the story? Come to Science Club’s discussion today on “Survival of the Fittest or the Kindest” to explore the nature of humankind through various interesting cases. Zoom link is on MS Teams.