Q3 Final Report Card - Published @4pm April 30th

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child's Q3  Final Report Card will be PUBLISHED to the Parent Portal at 4pm, April 30th.  To access the MyEducation BC Parent Portal, please go to: https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do

Instructions for logging in to the Parent Portal can be found by clicking here.  Please DO NOT use a mobile device/phone.  Only use a desktop or laptop computer to access the Parent Portal.

To view the document, click the "Pages" top tab and in the bottom right you can find the PDF report card under "Published Reports".  It is recommended that you save the document as the report card is only posted on the Parent Portal for a limited time (3 weeks).

McMath Secondary School

"Home of the Wildcats"


         A               86-100%                   Achievement is excellent.

         B               73-85%                     Achievement is very good.

         C+             67-72%                     Achievement is good.

         C                60-66%                     Achievement is satisfactory.

         C-              50-59%                     Achievement is minimally acceptable.

         I                 0-49%                       The student has not met the minimal  requirements of the course.  They will need to repeat the course if they want credits for it.

        NM                                               No mark given at this time.


Work Habits (WH)                                                    

Work habits are very important and include such attributes as: completion of class work and homework, participation and effort, preparation and organization, attendance and punctuality as well as demonstration of respect, cooperation and integrity.

         G               -                 Good

         S                -                 Satisfactory                                               

         N               -                 Needs Improvement



Attendance (Abs.)                

Regular attendance and punctuality are extremely important to student success.  Students who are frequently absent or late miss important work and valuable opportunities to learn.  For detailed absence information please log-in to the MYED Parent Portal (Academics top tap, select class, click Attendance side tab).