Friday, May 7th, 2021

Yesterday we looked at three ways to calm your inner world with words. 1) Check in with yourself; 2) Now get it precise and; 3) Make a note of it. Remember, the best thing you can do with unpleasant emotions is not to numb them, but to name them. 

Today we will look at 4 other ways to calm your inner world with words.

 Take it to the next level
Try writing out a more detailed expression of how you feel. Whether it’s a special, hardbound journal or a ratty old notebook, take it out. Go ahead and dive in with what you’re feeling. Take 15 minutes to really delve in.

Say it out loud
Express your emotions by simply naming them out loud. Verbalize the feelings.

Talk it through
Talk therapy, also called psychotherapy, has long revealed that speaking about our feelings is therapeutic. So, once you’ve verbalized your feelings, don’t stop there. Go ahead and dive in. 

Now go full circle
Check back in with yourself. How are you feeling now? Or better yet, what are you feeling? To calm your inner world, you need to get familiar with it. As the emotion scientists say, “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.” If  your  emotions are overwhelming, persistent  and/or  are interfering with your daily functioning, it’s important to seek mental health support.

Attention all ELL Level 3 & 4 students! Over the next 2 weeks, you will be required to complete the District Spring Census reading and writing tests. The testing will take place in Mr. Lalonde's Room, C211. Please check your email for more information on the exact day and time your testing will take place. You can contact Mr. Lalonde for more information.

Interact’s project, Claws for a Cause, is selling McMath themed hoodies & pins designed by our members! All proceeds will be donated to the Union Gospel Mission to help the at-risk community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Scan the QR code on the posters around the school for the order form. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram @mcmath.clawsforacause for more information!

This Friday at 3:10 pm, the Science Club is holding a fire tornado and coloured flame lab! Come and learn about why flames have different colours when chemicals are added. Sign up on MS Teams before noon on May 7th. You can also email

The First Responder Executive Team applications are now available! Digital applications can be found in our MS Teams files and physical copies can be picked up in the office. They are due on Friday, May 14th by 4:00 pm. No prior certification is required to apply. Join our team to gain first aid knowledge, volunteer hours, and leadership skills.

Richmond Hope for Hospitals is collecting payments this week for the RHFH cookbook! There will be a table in front of the counselling area and in front of the office for you to drop off your donationsIf you ordered a book, please make sure to come by sometime this week from 2:50 pm to 3:10 pm.  If you haven't ordered yet, pre-orders are still open, so be sure to get yours to support the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

Congratulations to Thursday’s winners for Student Council’s Star Wars Trivia! Winners will be contacted soon for prizes. Thank you to everyone who played, and be sure to check out the trivia today on @mcmathstuco’s Instagram.

Today is Disney Day and also the last day of Spirit Week! Thank you to everyone for participating!