Virtual Valedictory Letter 2021

Dear Grads and Parents,

As you know, this year’s Valedictory will be a virtual ceremony to recognize and celebrate our wonderful Grads and their achievements.  We have met with students on the Grad Committee and with parent representatives of the Dry After Grad (DAG) Committee.  We are working together to provide a special experience for the Grads within the Health and Safety requirements.
We have contracted a professional videographer to film each student walking across the Rotunda stage and then to compile this footage with all of the other components listed below. 

Here is an overview of the plan:

1.    Students will receive their graduation gown, stole, cap and tassel on Tuesday, June 1st or  Wednesday, June 2nd.
2.    Filming will take place on Friday, June 4th (speeches and musical interludes) and Saturday, June 5th
      (individual grads crossing the stage). More detailed information, including specific times, will be sent by next Friday.
3.    A variety of traditional speeches and tributes will be provided in the final video including:

-    Traditional Aboriginal Acknowlegement
-    District and Trustee Congratulations
-    Principal’s Address
-    Presentation of Grads and Scholarships
-    Governor General’s Bronze Medal Finalists-  

-    Historian’s Address
-    Grads Toast to Teachers
-    Teachers Toast to Grads
-    Grad Legacy Gift
-    Valedictorian Speech

The safe and structured recording of each graduate is our priority.  As such, we can only accommodate parent requests to watch the filming in a very limited way with parents observing from a specified area and distance, and a maximum of two family members per student.  A student’s parents would exit before the next student’s parents enter the school.  If parents would like to be present to watch their Grad cross the stage, please contact Adrienne Goulas, as soon as possible. Please note that students keep their cap and gown so you can arrange to take photos at a time and place that works best for your family.  

The completed video Valedictory Ceremony will be premiered on June 16th (details to follow). Parents and students will be able to download this video. We hope that families will host a ‘premiere’ event with those in their household to watch the entire ceremony and celebrate the accomplishments of their 2021 Graduate!  

We look forward to celebrating and honouring our Grads in a thoughtful, inclusive, and classy way.  More details to come later next week. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Jane McFadyen Principal                      Adrienne Goulas Vice Principal                 Tinh Ngo Vice Principal


McMath Secondary School

"Home of the Wildcats