Thursday, June 10th, 2021

A reminder from the Library to please return library books by tomorrow. Be sure to visit the library before the break to learn about your summer reading options!

Its Grad Fads time! Mr. Crowe’s skills and explorations class started a new unit, Automotives. The best way to learn about cars is to observe actual cars so they did just that and observed external parts of those parked! Ms. Xiao’s class was just tasked with creating an advertisement for their own e-com businesses! A great start for many great ideas. 

Wildcat ScientistsTomorrow at 3:10 pm, Science Club is holding a spherification lab! Spherification is the process of creating a gel blob with a liquid center, essentially how popping boba is made. Sign up on MS Teams or email us at to be part of this exciting lab!

McMath’s Interact Club has set up a food box in Steveston as an alternative to going to the Food Bank. Check it out so you can take what you need and leave what you can. You can find it between the book store and the British store. Cheerio mates! Another opportunity to give back to our Indigenous communities is starting up at our school through Interact! Keep an eye out for lists of what you can donate to help our Northern Neighbours. Find more information posted around the school or on McMath Interact’s Instagram! Non-perishable food, clothes, toys, books, DVDs, and anything your friends or family can spare is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. You can find boxes at the entrances of B and C wings.