Take Our Kids to (Virtual) Work Day 2021

Take Our Kids to VIRTUAL Work Day 2021 (TOKTWD) 


This year, TOKTWD for Grade 9's across Canada, is being held on Wednesday, November 3rd.  Given the mixed nature of how workplaces are currently operating, and the comfort level of all stakeholders around safety and social distancing, the District is encouraging that this year’s event be held virtually.   


TOKTWD activities will happen during PLT 1 and PLT 2 on Wednesday, November 3rd.  After PLT, students will attend Block A and B classes as usual.  


Once again, The Learning Partnership has provided material and activities to support this day, virtually.  The Learning Partnership has virtual content including pre-recorded and live content, to appeal to diverse student interests and to support various school schedules for this event. 


Students can start their TOKTWD with this inspiring, 20-minute pre-recorded virtual event. A diverse range of professionals from across Canada share messages of purpose and belonging and bring to life the real-world skills that have led to their success.  

Go to the link below to register and to join the fun prior to November 3rd. 


Parents are encouraged to register to receive the lesson plans and activities (takes seconds to do).  There is a registration link for student/parent supporting material as well.  Once you have registered, these activities will be available for students to use on TOKTWD. 


Please access all information here: 




While some of the activities may refer to face-to-face experiences, SD38 activities should remain virtual for 2021.