Remembrance Day and Aboriginal Veterans Day

Our school will host a Remembrance Day ceremony on the morning of Wednesday, November 10th.  We ask students to dress formally for 'formal day' on Wedsnesday as a gesture of respect for the sacrifices of millions of Canadians, to honour those who gave their lives for Canada and for those who continue to serve.  Students will receive a poppy on this day and are asked to give a small donation if they are able.  Donations will be actively accepted throughout the week.  All funds collected go to assisting veterans and their families - read more at: is external).

Our Remembrance assemblies are always, dignified, student-led opportunities for our whole school community to take a moment to reflect.  This year's ceremony will be a virtual one, students will be watching during their B block class. 

We would also like to recognize National Aboriginal Veterans Day a memorial day observed on Nov. 8 in recognition of Indigenous contributions to the military, in particular during, the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.
First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and other Indigenous people were not conscripted in these wars because they weren’t considered Canadian citizens at the time. Despite that, it is estimated that more than 12,000 Indigenous men and women volunteered and served. We take this day to remember and honour the courage and strength of these service men and women - read more at:

We also encourage all Wildcat families to take a moment on November 11 to honour the sacrifices made by others that allow us to live as freely as we do in our safe country.  Lest We Forget