Black Excellence Day

Black Excellence Day


This week we have been celebrating Black Excellence in our school. You may have noticed fellow students and staff wearing black today, Jan 14th to demonstrate their allyship in fighting racial discrimination and violence. Throughout the week we have been highlighting black excellence in our community and beyond on the student notices and signs around the school;

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Minister central in the civil rights movement in the United States. You may know him as the man who created the famous "I have a dream" speech – he was assassinated in 1969. January 15th was his birthday and every year on this day, people around the world celebrate the achievements of African Americans and Canadians and ponder how we can make the world a better place through resisting and battling racial intolerance and violence. 


Rosemary Brown, a Canadian politician.  Brown was the first black woman to become a member of a provincial legislature and the first woman to run for leadership of a federal political party. During her life, she was an advocate for anti-racism and gender equality and later received the order of Canada. She dedicated her life to service her community of Vancouver. 


2017 McMath Graduate, Camryn Rogers, is a 22 year old black woman who placed 5th in the Hammer Throw track and field event at the 2020(1) Olympic games in Japan. A proud Wildcat to this day, she continues to amaze us all with not only her strength and discipline, but also her kind heart. Among her accomplishments is being the first Canadian woman and the youngest competitor to become a finalist in the Olympic Hammer Throw. Camryn gives current Wildcats the advice to "never train to settle." 


If you've done any sports in Metro Vancouver, you've probably been inside a community centre, tennis court, or volleyball bubble named after this eminent black Canadian. Harry Jerome was a black Canadian track and field athlete who participated in the Olympics three times. He received a bronze in the 100 metre race in 1964, received gold at the Commonwealth and Pan American games, and set several world records. Later in his career, Jerome focused on promoting youth and amateur sports.  What an inspiration!

Today and every day we acknowledge the importance of uplifting diverse voices and the importance of sharing the stories of racialzed groups to provide a more inclusive view of history and society. We encourage everyone to strive to make the world a better place by resisting and battling racial intolerance and to create a world of inclusion. 


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