Post Secondary Information


Several categories of scholarships exist: Provincial, District, McMath, and external.


BC Excellence & BC Achievement Scholarships

McMath will have one nominee for the BC Excellence Scholarship ($5000) value.  Interested students can apply to be nominated through the school scholarship committee. The BC Achievement Scholarship is a $1250 scholarship that recognizes broad achievement in courses meeting graduation program requirements. At the end of October, the Ministry will determine the recipients based on students' achievement in Grades 10, 11, and 12 courses that satisfy graduation program requirements. Recipients must meet basic eligibility requirements in addition to attaining a “B” or better average in their Language Arts 12 course. A cumulative average percentage will be calculated and form the basis for awarding the BC Achievement Scholarship. For the 2017/2018 school year, these will be given to the top 8000 students in the province. Winners will be sent the scholarships in November.


District/Authority Awards

The Ministry of Education provides approximately 20 - $1250 Scholarships to McMath students who show outstanding achievement in Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity, Second Languages Community Service and Technical and Trades Training.  To qualify for these scholarships, students must pass the Provincial English 12 examination, maintain a C average in their grade 12 year, be taking a minimum of two senior level subjects, at least one at the grade 12 level in their chosen area and select one of the 12 level courses in which to be formally assessed. Please note that any instance of Academic Misconduct by a student disqualifies them from earning any scholarship or bursary.


Form more details and selection criteria information view: www.bced/


   McMath Scholarships and Bursaries

Applications must be made to the McMath Scholarship Committee in April/May of a student’s Grade 12 year. The school, businesses, organizations, and individuals in the community donate these scholarships to be presented to McMath graduates.  Recipients are decided on the basis of specific criteria unique to each award. 


Other Scholarships

There are many scholarships offered by institutions, industries, unions, businesses and individuals that are available to students. The individual must submit an application. Check the following site for details click “Scholarships”.  Information regarding these scholarships can be obtained through the Career Centre


Post Secondary Support

The Counselling and Career Centre maintains an extensive library of post secondary viewbooks, as well as up-to-date computer information on Canadian post secondary institutions. Post-Secondary institutions in B.C. include the following: technical/trade schools, colleges and universities.


Technical/Trade Programs

VCC, BCIT, Vancouver Island U., Thompson Rivers U., Kwantlen and U. of Fraser Valley are some institutes that offer career, trade and technical specialties.  The programs cover a variety of occupations and offer credentials from certificates to degrees.  Entrance requirements vary.  Detailed information is available in the counselling area.



Colleges within Metro Vancouver include Langara and Douglas. These institutions offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees in career, technology, as well as one and two year academic transfer courses to university and (limited) undergraduate degrees.



B.C. universities include UBC, SFU, UVic, Kwantlen, UNBC, Capilano, Trinity Western, Thompson Rivers, Emily Carr (Fine Arts), Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. Universities provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Specific faculty entrance requirements vary, but all programs require English 12 and Provincial academic courses.


Other Post-Secondary Institutions

Distance and Open Learning education offer a unique learning experience through print, web-based and on-line delivery of materials in a wide range of programs and individual courses so students may pursue career, college and university studies. Registration and scheduling flexibility allows students to make educational choices that suit their needs.


Important sources for post-secondary research are: