Thursday, November 9th 2017

Attention all Staff, there will be a at Health Nurse Presentation today, at lunch in the Conference room regarding Epi-Pen administration.  Please bring your lunch to conference room for an informative event.


We still have several Interims and Re-Take Photos and Go-Cards that need to be picked up.  Please come to the office to pick your sup!


Intramurals continue today at lunch the Senior Teams play today.

Any Rugby Players who still need to hand in your uniform to Mr. Charlton, please do so, as soon as possible.

The Mcmath Clothing Sale will now be delayed to next week as one of our deliveries was delayed.  We will be setting up a display of all items with their prices today in the front trophy cases near the front entrance of our school.  Come and check out the tees, sweat tops, hoodies, and sweat pants and note their prices.  We will be selling these items at lunch next week on Wednesday & Thursday. To purchase any clothing item, please bring a cheque made out to McMath, or cash (please bring exact amounts if you can) to the sales area on the stage. Items are $15-35.


Come to the Theatre today at lunch to witness the amazing performances in the Acting 11/12 Lip Sync Battle Championship! It’s going to be awesome!


riday we will be having our Remembrance Day Assemblies. Please make sure you dress appropriately and respectfully in your formal wear.


The French Club will meet next Wednesday in Ms. Ndiaye’s room, C210 at lunch.  Bring your friends to watch an episode of Tin Tin, a series translated in 48 different languages for its success! You do NOT want to miss this best seller! Premium opportunity!

If you have books out from the Library, please check to see if they are overdue.  We will be handing out overdue and fine notices in the next few days, but if you take responsibility for your books now, the library will happily waive your fines.


The Japanese Conversation Club will meet in Ms. Ho’s room, C132 at 1pm on Wednesday Nov 15th. Please eat beforehand as food is not allowed.  Mafia! Anime Style!! Who’s the culprit? Play Mafia with us next Wednesday and become the anime character you were always meant to be.  You do not want to miss this! Ha Ha Ha!

Grade 11 and 12 students....a variety of information sessions are coming to McMath in November. 

 * Next week...BCIT will have an information table set up outside of the main office on Tuesday, November 14th, during lunch.  All grades are invited to stop by with questions.  BCIT has a variety of programs in Business, Health, Trades and much more.

 * On Wednesday, November 15th, a representative from the University of Calgary will be here during lunch.  The information session will be held in the conference room.  See Ms. Bernard to sign up. 

 *On Thursday, November 16th, a representative from the School of Business, at the University of Victoria will be visiting McMath during lunch.  The session will be held in room B128. In previous years... a number of McMath students.... attending this program... have been scholarship winners

 *and on Friday, November 17th, a representative from Bishops University in Quebec... will be visiting McMath during lunch.  Drop by the information table in the hallway near the main office. 

To sign up...or if you have questions, about these... or other upcoming sessions, see Ms. Bernard in the Career Centre.