Explorations Program


Note: All information on grade 8 programming for 2018/19 will be provided at the Feb. 1 information night.  


Explorations Program Overview

The McMath Explorations Program is designed to meet the needs of potentially high ability and well motivated learners. Its objective is to provide opportunities for student centered learning and assist students in developing leadership skills and the tools to learn both cooperatively and independently. It is a three year program, beginning in Grade 8 and culminating in Grade 10. For three years, the students in each grade will move through 3 core subject areas of Science, English, and Social Studies as a group.

Throughout this program, students will be exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum that makes learning both relevant and meaningful. Students will refine such skills as critical thinking, creative problem solving, divergent reasoning, evaluative thinking and decision making through activities that expand basic skills and augment the curriculum. Upon completion of this program, it is our goal that students will have an appreciation for lifelong learning and will have developed a strong sense of social responsibility. It is expected that they will have emerged as leaders both in the school and in the community, and will have the ability to work cooperatively by successfully maneuvering between independence and positive interdependence.