Student Support Services

 At McMath Secondary School, the major goal of  Student Support Services is to support the intellectual, social, human, and vocational development of students.  In particular, Student Support Services at McMath want to assist students to be successful in all aspects of their schooling.  As a result of successful and meaningful experiences in school, it is our belief that students will be better prepared to continue learning and meeting challenges after leaving the high school environment.



Students are assigned to a counsellor alphabetically, by last name.  However, students may see any counsellor they choose to discuss personal problems.  Students can drop into the counselling centre at any time.  Counsellors support students with educational planning, career planning and personal issues. 



  • Course planning leading to graduation, post-secondary education and employment.
  • Arranging for support for students experiencing academic difficulties.
  • Academic ‘action plan’ development for students with academic problems.
  • Providing scholarship and post-secondary application information.
  • Facilitating the transfer of students’ academic information to the Ministry of Education and also to post-secondary institutions.
  • Providing reference letters upon request.


  • Assisting students in goal setting for careers.
  • Advising of career inventory services.


  • Crisis counselling involving home, personal or school related problems.
  • Consultation with and referral to outside agencies.
  • Discussing personal development issues.
  • Personal goal setting strategies.





The McMath Learning Services department offers 3 tiers of academic support to students:


The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers academic support on a drop-in basis to students, particularly in the junior grades.  Students, with their classroom teacher's permission, are welcome to come to the Learning Centre during their classes for support with their assignments, and may also access academic support in a quiet and encouraging environment after school school every day until 4pm.  The Learning Centre is staffed with a team of learning resource teachers and peer tutors and is open to all students on a regular or occasional basis.


The Learning Strategies Program

Students who require on-going academic support in order to successfully meet the learning outcomes of their courses, or students who are working on an IEP, may be enrolled in a Learning Strategies class.  The Learning Strategies class, generally taken in place of French 8, offers students direct support in academics, organization and study skills.  Students are typically referred to the Learning Strategies program by their elementary school, although referrals can be made by teachers, parents or students themselves throughout their years at McMath.  Placement in an LS block is determined by the School Based Team in consultation with parents; unless referred by their elementary schools, students are generally encouraged to utilize the support of the Learning Centre before considering enrolment in an LS block.  Learning Strategies classes are taught by learning resource teachers and assisted by peer tutors.  Course accommodations are implemented for students by their LS teachers in collaboration with classroom teachers.


The Evergreen Program

The Evergreen Program is offered to students who require personalized learning to meet their academic and personal goals.  Students supported in the Evergreen Program will receive modifications to the provincial curriculum, and may be enrolled in both grade level classes and smaller, more individualized classes with specific instruction in functional academics, life skills and work experience.  Personalized programs are developed by the learning resource teacher in collaboration with parents, and may vary depending on the needs and goals of each student and his/her family.  Students in the Evergreen Program work with teachers, educational assistants and peer tutors, and the focus is on developing a rich, dynamic community of learners who are fully engaged in the life of the school community; each student is encouraged to enjoy school, while working towards their individual goals and personal aspirations.




The Career Advisor is available to assist students with Post Secondary, Career and Scholarship plans.  The Career Centre is located in the Counselling Department. Services that are provided to students include:

  • Access to the Career Centre Website:  The website is applicable to Grade 10–12 students and provides up-to-date information on career, scholarship and post secondary options.
  • Students may schedule an appointment with Ms. Bernard, Career Information Advisor, to review Career Cruising. This program encourages students to explore occupations and post-secondary institutions across Canada and the U.S.
  • Calendars, admission guides, websites and pamphlets from post secondary institutions in B.C. and other Canadian provinces.
  • Post secondary application for admission and scholarship information/applications
  • Applying for a job (resume/cover letter information/ interview skills)
  • Post-Secondary financial aid.




The main goals of the McMath library are to develop resource-based learning and independent thinking and support students’ reading and research skills.  The McMath library offers curriculum and recreational oriented materials in many formats: books, pamphlet files, audio-visual materials, newspapers and magazines, and CD-ROM.  The collection is designed to meet the needs of students and teachers doing research projects, independent study, and/or recreational reading.  Assignments that stress information skills have been planned in consultation with classroom teachers, and assistance is always available to students as they complete their research projects and essays.




This is a program that offers special assistance to students whose first language is not English. Initial placements in the program are carried out by District E.L.L. staff. Following district assessment, students are assigned an E.L.L. level. Beginner levels are 1 and 2 while intermediate levels are 3 and 4. In general, the number of E.L.L. support blocks assigned to students is as follows:                                 

                                    Level 1: 3 blocks ELL SC, SS, EN               Level 3: 2 blocks ELL EN, SS

                                    Level 2: 3 blocks ELL SC, SS, EN               Level 4: 1 block   ELL EN


Students who have been promoted to level 5 will not attend any E.L.L. support block, but receive support in their E.L.L. consultation block as well as from other teachers in the context of non-E.L.L. classes. Students in E.L.L. levels 1 to 4 will complete their timetable with non-E.L.L. blocks once the number of their E.L.L. blocks has been established. The support students receive in E.L.L. at all levels benefits students by helping them to cultivate the English Language skills necessary for success in other classes.  Students are eligible to receive graduation credits of Board Approved courses as follows:                                             

  • Completion of Level 1: YELL 10   4 credits
  • Completion of Level 2: YELL 11   4 credits
  • Completion of Level 3: YELL 12   4 credits