Course Planning - Program Guide PDF

Course Selection Process or Program Planning

Information about this process will be provided by counselling staff early in the new year.  Take the time to think through your program planning.  If you have any questions, please see your counsellor.

The Principles of Effective Student Programming (from page 2 of the guide)

Planning: Educational programs require planning, thought, and consideration. The staff will provide information on course options in February of each year, together with information on post-secondary options and requirements.

The school endeavors to provide students with the courses they want and need to take, and therefore needs to know student intentions in order to efficiently deploy staff, equipment and funds to various departments.

Counselling and teaching staff will guide students as to appropriate courses according to needs, interests, and abilities.

Relationships: McMath Secondary School is distinguished for its strong, positive, interpersonal relationships. These relationships, which are the foundation for learning and personal growth, exist in the school to enable and include all learners. Students learn best when they have relationships and regular contact with their teachers and peers. Being connected to a network of caring people provides opportunities for contribution and growth.

Commitment: Once students have selected their program, and resources have been deployed, students are expected to commit to their program. This commitment is supported by administrators, counselors and teachers.
Supervision: In order to ensure safety of younger students during class time, they will be under the supervision of staff during the school day in their scheduled classes. Recognizing the maturity and growing independence of Grade 12 students, Grade 12s will be allowed to have an unsupervised study block planned into their schedule.

Timeliness: Program planning information collected in February forms the basis of the school’s master timetable. Once the timetable is determined, any conflicts or complications will be discussed with affected students before the end of May. In order to be optimally successful, students are expected to settle in their program by the end of the first week in September.

Flexibility: Student programs will have a degree of flexibility as determined by space and resources available, and as long as the principles of planning, relationship, supervision, and timeliness are adhered to.