Special Programs

Enrichment Opportunities


Enrichment curriculum can be offered in a variety of effective ways, dependent upon the subject area, the nature of the curriculum, teaching philosophy, and the particular learning style of the student. At McMath we recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates; therefore, we offer enrichment opportunities for highly motivated, gifted as well as underachieving, but highly able students in several different models:

  • Great diversity in Selected Study courses                      
  • Subject-integrated enrichment
  • Subject-distinct enrichment                            
  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Resource Based support                                 
  • Independent Directed Studies
  • Explorations Program                                    
  • Career Preparation Programs

In a number of cases, noticeably Selected Studies areas such as Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Modern Languages, and Physical Education, there are many opportunities for student enrichment via a broad base of curricular and extracurricular experiences. In other instances, enrichment can take the form of greater depth and/or breadth within the subject area focusing on enhancing students’ creative and critical thinking skills. This kind of enrichment can take place in a mixed ability setting or separate class setting. At McMath we offer opportunity for students to explore enrichment by all of the methods described above. Students who want to complement their academic program with more in depth study in various courses should carefully consider these enrichment opportunities. Should you require further information regarding these descriptions please contact the subject facilitator, counselor, or administrator.


Enriched Courses

Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Independent Studies


Enriched Programs

Explorations, Advanced Placement, Career Preparation


The Explorations Program

The McMath Explorations Program is designed to meet the needs of high ability, self-motivated students with potential leadership qualities.  The program spans three years starting in grade 8.  Students in each grade will study three of the four core courses (Science, English, and Social Studies) in an environment designed to challenge them.  There will be opportunities for cooperative learning situations, independent study, and out of school field experiences.  Students must be independent thinkers and risk-takers in their approach to learning and possess critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.  It should be noted that a strong work ethic and positive attitude towards schooling are actually more important as selection criteria than is raw intelligence. In addition to its academic goals, students in the McMath Explorations program will be involved in local community service opportunities.  An emphasis will be placed on promoting leadership and fostering community within and outside of the program.

Admittance to the program will be through an application and interview process.  Application packages will be available following visits to feeder schools.


Advanced Placement Courses

The A.P. program at McMath Secondary School  involves acceleration and enrichment for motivated and hard-working students looking for a challenge at the grade 12 level.  Successful completion of an A.P. course will result in additional credits (vary depending on the course) towards the student’s graduation requirements.  In addition, most North American (and many other) universities and colleges will award advanced placement and/or credit to students with high standing in A.P. courses (however, this should not be the main reason for enrolling in an A.P. course). The A.P. program helps students pursue intellectual activities of a challenging nature and develop higher level thinking skills, such as independent study and research, analysis of knowledge, subject enrichment and sociological implications of the various areas of study.  Advanced Placement exams are written in May each year (there is a fee per exam) and the results are sent to each student by the College Board in July. All exams contain both multiple-choice items and free response items that require essay writing, problem solving and other skills. McMath will offer Advanced Placement courses or a blended Ministry course with A.P. Course Enrichment in the following subjects where there is sufficient enrollment: Studio Art 2-D, Biology 12, Calculus 12 AB, Chemistry 12, Chinese Language and Culture 12, English Literature & Composition 12, French Language 12, and Physics 11 & 12.


Career Preparation Programs

Career Preparation is a program that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace.  The program links the resources of secondary schools, business, industry, and the community to provide young people with a highly motivating educational experience.


During Grades 11 and 12, students enrolled in Career Preparation are required to take a selection of 4 courses (16 credits) numbered 11 or 12.   Students take either one or two related Focus Area courses (depending on the CP program), one or two support courses, and CPWE 12, which is work experience totaling 100-120 hours.  This allows students to put to practical use some of the skills, techniques, and knowledge learned in their chosen Career Preparation area


All Career Preparation Program students will register in the CPWE 12 (Work Experience) course in addition to their sixteen courses taken during the grade 11 and 12 years. Students may wish to make written application for a study block in their grade 12 year. Applications for a study block will be reviewed on an individual basis.


In addition to providing work experience, the program can help students to make decisions about their future careers and to gain confidence in making the transition from secondary school to the world of work or post-secondary education. 


One should not confuse the Career Preparation Programs with any “Pre-Employment” programs that one may be familiar with.  Career Prep leads to academic graduation with a “Dogwood” certificate and students can combine career prep with university entrance requirements.  Career Preparation is designed to promote closer associations between students and working adults who are willing to share their knowledge.  Experienced employees can help students to gain a practical orientation to employment and to career development within their chosen career field.


For 2017-2018, McMath is offering Career Preparation Programs in the following areas:

  • Health Sciences & Biotechnology                    
  • Human Services
  • Law & Law Enforcement                               
  • Computer Assisted Design/Drafting
  • Information Technology                                 
  • Computer Applications & Technology in Business
  • Business Management                                   
  • Financial Management (Accounting)
  • Marketing                                                               


For more information about Career Preparation, please see the specific teacher attached to the program or talk to your counsellor.






There is expected to be nearly 1.5 million jobs created in the areas of Business Communication, Information Management and Information Technology.  Therefore, you may want to think about increasing your computer and communication skills.  Are you looking at a job option or career in Business Education or Information Technology?  If you are interested in pursuing this area then you may want to consider the Career Preparation program in Business Education or Information Technology.


The Business Education Career Preparation program offers an opportunity for students interested in the business field to practice school-based learning in a business environment.  Students specialize in a specific area of Business and then go to work for a company in our community to gain experience and to help students prepare for further post secondary education, and to make informed career choices.  The areas available will be in Computer Applications & Technology in Business, Financial Management (Accounting), Business Management, and Marketing.


















































Work Experience 


What is Work Experience?

Work Experiences are school-sponsored work experience courses that provide students the opportunity to engage in career exploration through community-based work and volunteer opportunities.  Students participate in a variety of work-based activities related to an occupation or career focus area of interest.  Each course comprises 90 hours minimum of work/volunteer experience and 10-30 hours in-class learning activities.


Rationale for Work Experience:

Work experience is intended to help prepare students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work or further education and training.  The community becomes the classroom where students gain knowledge and experience about the workplace and are provided with a frame of reference to review or revise their career goals.  Work experience provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom learning in a context outside of school and to bring back to the classroom new perspectives to further develop their personal career transition plans.


Goals of each Work Experience course include to:

  • observe and practice employability skills required in the workplace as well as technical and applied skills related to specific occupations.
  • connect classroom learning to the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the workplace.
  • develop job-readiness skills for specific occupations and/or career areas.
  • learn about employment expectations, regulations and practices.


Prior to Starting a Work Placements:

  • students must be able to demonstrate job-seeking skills, including resume writing and job interview skills.
  • students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of workplace risk reduction and injury prevention.
  • the Planning 10 learning outcomes related to job seeking, job keeping, employment standards and workplace safety, must be successfully completed.


Career Focus Areas for students to select from may include:

1.     Business and Applied Business

2.     Fine Arts, Design, and Media

3.     Fitness and Recreation

4.     Health and Human Services

5.     Liberal Arts and Humanities

6.     Science and Applied Science

7.     Tourism, Hospitality, and Foods

8.     Trades and Technology



  • These course are not intended as “instant credits” for students who have a part-time job.
  • The time given to work experience may be within the timetable or outside of the timetable. Care will be taken to limit the loss of class time during work placements. After school, weekend, school Professional Development days, and possibly even holidays may be used for work experience.



Programs Outside of the School