Enrichment Opportunities


Enrichment curriculum can be offered in a variety of effective ways, dependent upon the subject area, the nature of the curriculum, teaching philosophy, and the particular learning style of the student. At McMath we recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates; therefore, we offer enrichment opportunities for highly motivated, gifted as well as underachieving, but highly able students in several different models:

  • Great diversity in Selected Study courses                      
  • Subject-integrated enrichment
  • Subject-distinct enrichment                            
  • Honours course working leading to Advanced Placement testing opportunities.
  • Resource based support                                 
  • Independent Directed Studies.
  • Explorations Program                                    
  • Career Preparation Programs


In a number of cases, noticeably Selected Studies areas such as Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Modern Languages, and Physical Education, there are many opportunities for student enrichment via a broad base of curricular and extracurricular experiences. In other instances, enrichment can take the form of greater depth and/or breadth within the subject area focusing on enhancing students’ creative and critical thinking skills. This kind of enrichment can take place in a mixed ability setting or separate class setting. At McMath we offer opportunity for students to explore enrichment by all of the methods described above. Students who want to complement their academic program with more in depth study in various courses should carefully consider these enrichment opportunities. Should you require further information regarding these descriptions please view the applicable sections on our website or contact the subject facilitator, counselor, or administrator.  


Enriched Courses

Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Independent Studies


Enriched Programs

Explorations, Honors, Career Preparation/Work Experience Placements