CLC / Capstone Project



This school year 2020/21, McMath is delivering Career Life Connections via online assignments and zoom sessions. The Capstone Project is part of Career Life Connections. Students will plan, design, document, create, and present a Capstone Project in a video format. The Capstone Project is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning in a particular topic they are interested in learning about. This student- centered approach allows individuals to personalize their learning in an area that they are passionate about. Students are to invest at least 25 hours towards completing their Capstone Project. 


It is mandatory for all students to complete a Capstone in order to receive a Career Life Connections course credit.


In addition, students are also required to complete 30 Hours of Work/Volunteer Experience.


All CLC & Capstone assignments are posted and to be submitted via MS TEAMS. 

The assignments and due dates are as follows:


·       Assignment 1- Capstone Proposal- Nov 11 

·       Assignment 2- Mentor Log & Progress Check- Jan 8 

·       Assignment 3 (A) Resume & (B) ​30 hours Work-Volunteer Reflection- Feb 26

·       Assignment 4- Capstone Progress Check- March 31

·       Assignment 5- Capstone Video Link & Completed Mentor log- May 7

·       Assignment 6- Reflection on Film Festival- May 28


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 

Mr. Anderson


Ms. Jamal