McMath Student Calendar 2020/21

All Richmond Secondary Schools will be operating on a quarter system this year. Students will be scheduled into only 2 classes at any one time, in 4 quarters of approximately 10 weeks.

Over the course of the full year, students will complete 8 classes as usual.

This allows students to focus on only 2 classes at a time and, most importantly, reduces the number of contacts students will have.

Quarterly Schedule

Quarter 1    (September 14th - November 18th):    Blocks A & B

Quarter 2    (November 19th - February 3rd):         Blocks C & D

Quarter 3    (February 4th - April 23rd):                  Blocks E & F

Quarter 4    (April 26th - June 28th):                       Blocks G & H

Please find copies attached, of the Monthy Student Calendar. We will post two months at a time, as they becomes available.