Monday, December 14th, 2020

Winter break is coming soon and before everyone leaves for the holidays, we’ll be asking all staff & students to do their part to reduce phantom power while the school is closed. Phantom power is the energy used by electronics that have a battery pack, a clock or other internal brain that draws a small amount of energy even when they’re not being used. With all the equipment we have in our schools this can really add up. Before everyone takes off for the holidays on Friday, we’ll be asking everyone to “Turn it off before you take off”. Please do not touch lab computers or any school printers.

Hey Gamers! Does the number 34.861 mean anything to you? Its Smash Club’s target distance in their very first event of the year….Home Run Contest! The closest entry can add any emote to our Discord server. So dust off whatever smash game you have, and let’s get cracking! More information on our Discord server.

Wildcat Scientists! On Wednesday, Science Club will be hosting a Tumbling Wing Competition. You will be making your own tumbling wing or paper airplane. Sign up today before 11:59 pm to join your peer scientists for a fun contest. Prizes will be available.

Comfy Week is here! Today is Candy Cane Day, tomorrow is Fuzzy Socks Day, Wednesday is Winter Wonderland Wednesday, Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day, and Friday is PJ Day. Check out our social media for more information.  Make sure to dress extra comfy and warm this week, as we will be turning down the thermostat to save energy! 

Wildcats! The Food Drive has officially come to an end. Your generosity brought in over 2,000 food items and a whopping $2,100.00 to the Food Bank! The top 3 places go to…, in 3rd place is Mr. Mallari with 5,057 points. In 2nd place is Mr. Cheung with 5,455 points and in 1st place is Mr. Sharma with 9,500 pointsA huge Thank You to everyone for making the Food Drive a huge success! In total, the school brought in 44,309.20 points worth of food! A huge Thank You to everyone for making the Food Drive a huge success! In total, the school brought in 44,309.20 points worth of food!

Attention Grads! Grad Hoodies will be handed out in your morning class. If you don't have a morning class you can pick yours up in Ms. Marin's Room, B206, on Tuesday or Wednesday at 3pm. If you have not paid for your hoddie, you will not be able to recieve it until you do!

Congrats to the winners of the Grad Chess Tournament! In 3rd place is Ben N. and in 2nd place is Roy M.! The winner of the Grad Chess Tournament is Travis H.! Winners will be contacted about prizes.

Grads! This holiday season we are participating in a Bottle Drive with other schools from Richmond. It will be running until the last day of school. All the money raised will be donated to Richmond Cares, to provide grocery vouchers and Christmas gifts to families in need. There will be bins located at the Entrance of each wing for you to drop off your bottles. Let’s help out families in need this holiday season. Every donation counts!