Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Winter break is coming soon and before everyone leaves for the holidays, we’ll be asking all staff & students to do their part to reduce phantom power while the school is closed. Phantom power is the energy used by electronics that have a battery pack, a clock or other internal brain that draws a small amount of energy even when they’re not being used. With all the equipment we have in our schools this can really add up. Before everyone takes off for the holidays on Friday, we’ll be asking everyone to “Turn it offbefore you take off”. Please do not touch lab computers or any school printers.

Comfy Week is here! Today is Fuzzy Socks Day, tomorrow is Winter Wonderland Wednesday, Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day, and Friday is PJ Day. Check out our social media for more information.  Make sure to dress extra comfy and warm this week, as we will be turning down the thermostat to save energy! 

Attention Grads! If you have not paid for your grad hoodie yet, you can do so through the School Cash Online website or by cheque to the Business Assistant. If you have any concerns or have not received your hoodie, please come to Mme Marin’s Room B206 today or tomorrow at 3:00 pm

Grads! This holiday season we are participating in a Bottle Drive with other schools from Richmond. It will be running until the last day of school. All the money raised will be donated to Richmond Cares, to provide grocery vouchers and Christmas gifts to families in need. There will be bins located at the Entrance of each wing for you to drop off your bottles. Let’s help out families in need this holiday season. Every donation counts!