Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Attention all Students! A reminder that there is an alternate Bell Schedule for Friday, December 18th for Breakfast with Santa. Please check the office window or our Instagram page for the complete schedule. The afternoon class will begin at noon to 2:00 pm for all students with an afternoon class.

Any students who did not pick up their McMath Clothing yesterday, please see Ms. McGarry, the Business Assistant.

Beat boredom this holiday! Grab 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 books from the Library! Come on in anytime or place a hold online for contactless delivery.

Our school is strongly committed to energy conservation. We will be asking all teachers, staff, and students to do their part to reduce phantom power during night time and weekends. Phantom power is the energy used by electronics that have a battery pack, a clock or other internal brain that draws a small amount of energy even when they’re not being used. With all the equipment we have in our schools this can really add up. Before everyone takes off at the end of 2020, we will be asking everyone to “Unplug and turn off” any unnecessary equipment in your classroom or in common rooms.  Please do not touch lab computers or any school printers.

Hey Gamers! Does the number 34.861 mean anything to you? Its SmashClub’s target distance in their very first event of the year….Home Run Contest! The closest entry can add any emote to our Discord server. So dust off whatever smash game you have, and let’s get cracking! More information on our Discord server.

Comfy Week is here! Today is Winter Wonderland Wednesday, tomorrow is Ugly Sweater Day, and Friday is PJ Day. Check out our social media for more information.  Make sure to dress extra comfy and warm this week, as we will be turning down the thermostat to save energy! 

Wildcats! On Friday, December 18th, go to your morning class at 9:00 am to watch the Breakfast with Santa video! There will be amazing virtual performances and yummy snacks.