Welcome Back!

Happy New Year Wildcats! 

We don't have a parent WAAG this week, but we are glad to welcome students back to school on Monday Jaunary 4th.

1. Monnday, January 4th.  We are still in Quarter 2 and Block are C/D. For senior students, it will be Blocks C2 and D1. 

2. Parents, if you'd like to speak with your teen's teachers about the MidTerm Report Card, please contact them this week - email is a great place to start (https://mcmath.sd38.bc.ca/our-staff).  We're halfway through Quarter 2 now. 

3. Please continue to attend to the Daily Health Declaration each day (please find attached) - we all depend on each of us doing our part. 

Thank you!

McMath Secondary

"Home of the Wildcats"