Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Hey Grads! The Schulich Leaders Scholarship is for an entrepreneurial minded person intending to study technology, engineering, entrepreneurship or applied research. To be nominated by the school, you must submit a McMath Scholarship Nomination Form to one of the counsellors by January 13th at 8 am.For more information, please see Ms. Carter or one of the counsellors. 

Attention Jewellers! The Jewellery Club is hosting a session for stained glass shard earrings this Thursday afterschool at 3:15 pm. Come by to either start, continue, or finish your project. Priority is given to Group C, however free spaces are available to anyone.

Hey Wildcat Scientists! Your dream of becoming a magician is finally coming true! Sign up for this week’s lab by tomorrow morning to create a liquid that magically changes colour instantly. More details on MS Teams.