Clarification Of Covid 19 Guidelines

Last week, we were all happy to hear the news of a four step process of being able to open up our communities with regards to COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines. As a result of Dr Bonnie Henry’s latest announcement, we wanted to clarify our current standing as a school/district.


Related to last week's announcement, there has been communication with the Deputy Minister. The following information outlines the COVID-19 Health and Safety processes until the end of June.


  • Currently all school districts are adhering to Stage Two of the COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines. These guidelines remain in place until the end of June.


  • The Ministry of Education is expecting that schools will return to Stage One in September which means we will be able to open and operate as we did pre-COVID.


  • For next fall:
    • it is likely that the daily health check will remain in place
    • mask use may be voluntary but no decision has been made yet


  • We are expecting more information regarding Health and Safety in mid-June.


The four stage re-opening guidelines are intended for communities and businesses. Education has its own set of guidelines which we have been following and will continue to follow until the end of the school year.