Student Support

At McMath, it is our hope to support the intellectual, social, human, and vocational development of all students.  At McMath we want to assist students to be successful in all aspects of their schooling.  As a result of successful and meaningful experiences in school, it is our belief that students will be better prepared to continue learning and meeting challenges after leaving the high school environment.  Students are encouraged to access counselling for educational, career or personal support.  More information on counselling services here:



The Career Advisor is available to assist students with Post Secondary, Career and Scholarship plans.  The Career Centre is located in the Counselling Department. Services that are provided to students include:

  • Access to the Career Centre Website: .  The website is applicable to Grade 10–12 students and provides up-to-date information on career, scholarship and post secondary options.
  • Students may schedule an appointment with our Career Information Advisor, to review This program encourages students to explore occupations and post-secondary institutions across Canada and the U.S.
  • Calendars, admission guides, websites and pamphlets from post secondary institutions in B.C. and other Canadian provinces.
  • Post secondary application for admission and scholarship information/applications
  • Applying for a job (resume/cover letter information/ interview skills)
  • Post-Secondary financial aid.