Career Life Education


(Note: Students will automatically be enrolled in each of these mandatory courses.)

These courses will provide students will the knowledge, skills and attitudes to assist them in making informed decisions related to their education, and career planning.  The programs will be delivered by the student’s Phys. Ed. (PE) 8 and 9 teachers as a unit of study during PHE.  A mark for each of these programs will be assigned at the end of a student’s grade 8 and 9 school years.  Topics covered will include healthy living styles, healthy relationships, safety and injury prevention, Internet safety and substance misuse prevention.



& ONLINE Richmond Virtual School Option (MCLE-10---RVS) *

This course will deliver the content of Career Life Education 10 to all students entering grade 11.  This four-credit course required for graduation will enable students to become self-directed individuals who set goals, make thoughtful decisions, and take responsibility for pursuing their aspirations.  In Career Life Education 10 students will be provided with opportunities to:

  • plan for successful learning in the Graduation Program
  • explore a wide range of post-secondary education and career options
  • develop financial literacy skills related to their education and career goals, and
  • begin planning for their transition beyond high school

Curriculum specifics to be updated by the Ministry later this year.  Visit this site for more:

Specifically, students will explore topics such as employability skills, workplace standards and safety, post-secondary and career exploration.


In addition, as students take this course in their grade 11 year, it will provide them with the invaluable opportunity to continue to work on their Capstone Project under the direct guidance and support of their Career Education teacher and assist them in preparing for their Capstone Project presentation in grade 12.


* For the 2018/19 school year McMath will partner with Richmond Virtual School and offer a "hybrid" course (online with ocassional face-to-face class meetings).  The students and teacher will be from McMath and the Richmond Virtual School will host the website services and provide administrative supports.