GT / Capstone Project

More information on the Capstone Project to be posted as it comes available.  Ministry updates here:


The four-credit Graduation Transitions (GT) Program is a graduation requirement that is completed over a three-year period.  In grade 10, students are introduced to the GT program in their PE 10 course.  In grade 11, students will complete the majority of the program requirements through the direct support of their Career Life Education teacher.  In grade 12, students will be further supported by one of the school administrators.

"TRANSITION YEAR" - Students in Grade 11 (2018-19) will be provided an opportunity to complete GT.  This will be completed with the Career Life Education 10 teacher or through the support of the administrations (see McMath website page



Graduates in 2020 who did not complete GT in grade 11 will follow the Career Life Connections / Capstone Project requirements.  Details to be provided as the come available from the Ministry of Education.