Peer Tutoring 12


McMath Peer Tutoring 12  (YIPS-2A)

Students interested in the McMath Peer Tutoring course must complete an application and be matched with a teacher sponsor.  If you are in grade 12 and are intrested in Peer Tutoring please see a counsellor for an application.  Please try to have the PT form completed and returned with the Grade 12 course request forms the same time your course planning form is due.


The following critieria is used for selection:

  • One Peer Tutor Block per Gr. 12 Student
  • Excellent Management and Organizational Skills
  • Excellent Record of Attendance
  • Demonstrates Initiative
  • Excellent Record of  Punctuality
  • Positive Relationship with PT Teacher Sponsor
  • Knowledge of Subject Area
  • Able to Work with Limited Supervision
  • Respect for Confidentiality
  • Reliable, Responsible, Confident, Mature Student
  • Works Extremely Well with Peers & Younger Students


Peer tutoring can benefit students by:

  • Increasing individual attention in the classroom
  • Influence of a positive role model
  • Gains in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improving study habits
  • Improving grades


Peer tutoring can benefit teachers by:

  • Allowing more individualized instruction in the classroom
  • Helping with students who are struggling with course content, disabled learners, and/or students who missed classes
  • Role model to younger students
  • Increasing the positive attitude in the classroom

***Note: Peer Tutoring placement will occur at the end of the summer when all other courses have been sorted and we will then attempt to match your schedule with the sponsor teachers schedule.