Friday, November 10th 2017

We still have several Interims and Re-Take Photos and Go-Cards that need to be picked up.  Please come to the office to pick your sup!


The Mcmath Clothing Sale! We will be selling these items at lunch next week on Wednesday & Thursday. Come and check out the tees, sweat tops, hoodies, sweat pants and scarves in our trophy case by the front doors.  Please note their prices.  To purchase any clothing item, please bring a cheque made out to McMath, or cash (please bring exact amounts if you can) to the sales area on the stage.

The French Club will meet next Wednesday in Ms. Ndiaye’s room, C210 at lunch.  Bring your friends to watch an episode of Tin Tin, a series translated in 48 different languages for its success! You do NOT want to miss this best seller! Premium opportunity!


If you have books out from the Library, please check to see if they are overdue.  We will be handing out overdue and fine notices in the next few days, but if you take responsibility for your books now, the library will happily waive your fines.


The Japanese Conversation Club will meet in Ms. Ho’s room, C132 at 1pm on Wednesday Nov 15th. Please eat beforehand as food is not allowed.  Mafia! Anime Style!! Who’s the culprit? Play Mafia with us next Wednesday and become the anime character you were always meant to be.  You do not want to miss this! Ha Ha Ha!


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Hot, fresh, delicious pizza for sale today at lunch.  At $2 a slice we sell out quickly.


The History of Science and consciousness – discover them today at lunch in Mr. Thiessen’s room, B219, at the third McMath Science Club Philosophical Physics Discussion.  All are welcome.


Hey Wildcats, the Natural Club will be doing their weekly recycling today, after-school.  Come out to the back of upper C-wing in front of Mrs. Phillpott’s room, to participate.  See you all there.