Wednesday, Dec 6th 2017

Intramurals Dodgeball continues today at lunch in the gym. The Junior Division, Pool A teams will be playing – see you there.

Attention all Wildcats! December is, “Making Good Things Happen for Other People” month – how can you get into the action?                           

 ~Say Hi to someone you don’t know well.                                                 

  ~High five a person while walking down the hallway.                                     

 ~Share your snacks with a friend.                                                            

 ~Buy lunch for someone else.                                                                    

~Hold the door open for someone.                                                            

 ~And Smile – yeah, really smile when you enter your classes. Smile at others when you walk to your classes – just smile.                                                

There will be more tomorrow – and thanks for making good things happen for others. December is the month for giving!

Attention Wildgainz! There will be a meeting in Mr. Frechette’s room, B210 on Friday at lunch. All senior members must attend.

Hey Wildcats! McMath’s biggest event of the year is right around the corner… Breakfast with Santa! Tickets go on sale December 12th at lunch in front of the stage.  Tickets will be $5, get yours before we sell out!

Do you have a talent you’re dying to share with the rest of the school?  Sign-up in the office to perform at this year’s Breakfast with Santa.

Hey Multicultural members! This Thursday at lunch in Ms. Sun’s room, C116, multicultural will be holding an origami party!  There will be prizes for whomever makes the best origami!  There will be tea as well, so don’t forget to bring your cup.  See you Thursday.

Grade 12s please check the poster outside the office window to check if you have paid for your Winter Formal Tickets, if your name is highlighted that means you have paid! – if you haven’t please see Ms. Robinson, the Business Assistant. Grade 11 tickets will be sold next week.

Hey Natural Club members!  The Natural Club will be having a meeting today at lunch in room, C213, Mrs. Phillpotts room.  New members always welcome.

Greetings everybody. The Japanese Conversation Club shall humbly meet next Tuesday at 1pm in Ms. Ho’s room, C132. If you wish to learn ultra polite Japanese, we would be honoured to receive your presence.  Honourific Japanese can be useful if you want to be a maid, or if you want to speak with the president. We await each and everyone of you.

Hey Wildcats!  The marketing classes have some exciting news, they will be having a Wildcat Market on December 12th and 14th.  Our Marketing students will be selling a variety of goods that could make awesome Christmas gifts! Make sure to come out at lunch and help support our Wildcat market, a portion of the profits will be donated.

All Frist Responders should come to a meeting Thursday at lunch in the medical room. Anyone who has taken the course is welcome to join us!

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Hot, fresh, delicious pizza for sale on Friday at lunch. At $2 a slice we sell out quickly.

The French Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Mrs. Ndiaye’s room, C210.  It doesn’t matter if you only know ‘Bonjour’ or if you are fluent; we welcome everyone! This time we will watch an episode of Tin Tin, a famous French cartoon series translated in over 48 different languages.  We give cookies.

We are still collecting non-perishable items for McMath’s Annual Food Drive during block 1-1.   ~Today ‘s bonus items are Granola Bars and ~Friday the 9th is Tomato Sauce.  Remember, this is a competition and the prize is a surprise! Please note that money donations are double the points for the rest of the drive. Go Wildcats!