December is, 'Making Good Things Happen for Other People' month

December is a traditional month of giving for many cultures.

At McMath this month, we would like for our students to really engage in that mindset, and to make it a month of making another person’s day--each day leading to the holidays.

With report cards approaching, term 2 beginning, a long stretch of school over the past months, everyone is feeling the fatigue factor and energy drain that this month often brings.

So, in place of those feelings, let’s bring your positive attitudes to McMath everyday for the month of December, and thanks, for making good things happen for other people.

Here are some of the examples things we can all do to make good thigns happen for other people. Each day we will have different ideas for the students to get in the spirit of thinking of others.

How can you get into the action?

  • Say hi to someone you do not know well

  • High five a person while walking down the hallway

  • Share your snacks with a friend

  • Buy lunch for someone else

  • Hold the door open for another

  • Smile--Yeh really, smile when you enter your classes. Smile at others when you walk to class. Just smile.

Or why not try;

  • Cleaning up another person’s mess, or just clean up an area to help our custodian

  • Say “thank you”--a lot!!

  • Or try this challenge: No complaining to your friends for 2 days!!!! That’s right--stop complaining, and do something for another person!!!

Fridays are for forgiving!!

Been a little unhappy with a friend or peer lately--let’s try forgiving them. Then move forward in a positive way with that person.

You will feel the weight of all that negative energy you have been carrying due to that issue just lift from your shoulders.

So today--forgive another person. Forgiving others is a healthy way to deal with issues. Be the better person--forgive others.


Thanks, for making good things happen for other people. Have a fabulous day and month!