This is a program that offers special assistance to students whose first language is not English. Initial placements in the program are carried out by District ELL staff. Following district assessment, students are assigned an ELL level.  There are 5 levels in the District - Beginner (Level 1 and 2), intermediate (Level 3 and 4) and Advanced (Level 5).  In general, the number of ELL support blocks assigned to students is as follows:                                 

Level 1: 3 blocks (ELL EN, SC, SS)               

Level 2: 3 blocks (ELL EN, SC, SS)               

Level 3: 2 blocks (ELL EN, SS)

Level 4: 1 block   ELL (EN)

Level 5: Support              


Students who have been promoted to level 5 will not attend any ELL support block but receive support through a designated Level 5 ELL teacher and their regular classroom teachers.  The Level 5 teacher will meet with all the Level 5 students in September to discuss how they can receive that extra support throughout the year, both within and outside of their regular class schedule.

Students in ELL levels 1 to 4 will complete their timetable with non-ELL blocks once the number of their ELL blocks has been established. The support students receive in ELL at all levels benefits students by helping them to cultivate the English Language skills necessary for success in other classes.  ELL Students, upon completion of their Board approved ELL courses, are eligible to receive graduation credits of:                                             

  • Completion of Level 1: YELL 10   4 credits
  • Completion of Level 2: YELL 11   4 credits
  • Completion of Level 3: YELL 12   4 credits