Students are assigned to their counsellor alphabetically, by last name.  However, students are welcome to see/contact any counsellor for personal counselling.

Ms. Christina Chen (A - Fri)
Mr. Philip Lam (Fro-Li)
Mr. Joseph Vernier (Lo-Sha)
Mr. Mark Pattern (She - Z)


Counselling Services at McMath Secondary are designed as a personal service for students and also as a an advisory service and resource for staff and parents.  Students can drop into the counselling center at any time. Counsellors support students with educational planning, career planning and personal issues with friends, family and self.  Counsellors are available on an appointment or emergency drop-in basis.  Appointments can be made by contacting counsellors directly by email or phone.  Counsellors also facilitate groups supporting students with various topics.  McMath counsellors have Masters degrees in Counselling and, therefore, follow the legal and ethical guidelines set out by the BC School Counsellors Association, a Professional Specialist Association associated with the BCTF.



  • Course planning leading to graduation, post-secondary education and employment.

  • Arranging for support for students experiencing academic difficulties.

  • Academic ‘action plan’ development for students with academic problems.

  • Providing scholarship and post-secondary application information.

  • Facilitating the transfer of students’ academic information to the Ministry of Education and also to post-secondary institutions.

  • Providing reference letters upon request.



  • Assisting students in goal setting for careers.

  • Advising of career inventory services.



  • Crisis counselling involving home, personal or school related problems.

  • Consultation with and referral to outside agencies.

  • Discussing personal development issues.

  • Personal goal setting strategies and support.​​


Students should feel free to simply drop by for a visit during school hours.  Students and parents can make an appointments can by email (as listed above) or by calling the school office (604-718-4050).  Also, be encouraged to come check out the various resources in the counselling hallway and main waiting area.  The bulletin boards include numerous articles on mental health, advertisements on important web resources and local community support services.

McMath office: 604-718-4050