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French Immersion Program



McMath is proud to offer its French Immersion Programme since 2004. The French Immersion Team offers a strong academic and extracurricular programme that suits its diverse student needs.

Three core subjects are offered in the French Immersion Programme at McMath: Social Studies, Science and French Language. In order to complete the Ministry’s French Immersion requirements additional courses such as PE will be delivered in French.  Students must enroll and get credits in the following courses:


Grade Eight

  • Humanities 8 (a double block that consists of Science Humaines 8 and Francais Langue 8)
  • Sciences naturelles 8
  • Éducation physique / santé & carriére 8

Grade Nine

  • Francais langue 9
  • Science humaines 9
  • Sciences naturelles 9

Grade Ten

  • Francais langue 10
  • Science humaines 10
  • Sciences aturelles 10

Grade Eleven

  • Francais langue11
  • Science humaines 11

Grade Twelve

  • Francais langue 12


It is strongly encouraged that students enrol in these courses at McMath to benefit from French classroom environment and dynamics.

Students who want to improve and consolidate their skills in the French Language have two options of electives in Grade 11 and 12 : Français langue AP and Peer Tutoring. AP is an excellent choice for senior students who want to increase their exposure to French. The course emphasizes the use of language for active communication; it seeks to develop language skills that can be used in various activities and disciplines rather than to cover any specific body of subject matter. Peer Tutoring is available to students who would like to assist teachers in their tasks and help younger students. By working with a teacher in a French class, the student improves his skills.

The French Immersion Department also supports its students with learning needs. On an individual needs basis, students who are experiencing or have a history of learning difficulties may receive extra help in their schooling. Students may be recommended to enrol in a block of learning support in French. The FI Resource Teacher provides support in all courses the students have, may those be in English or French.

The French Immersion department also encourages its students to participate in various extracurricular activities to fully develop their linguistic and cultural skills. Each year, various fieldtrips or activities are organised (e.g plays, Magic shows, semaine de la Francophonie, Children’s Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival). Trips or Students Exchanges are also organized in France and Québec.